130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (2022)

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (1)

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All types of women love a good listener. It follows that a man should first learn how to get her talking. Any man needs a good list of questions to ask his girlfriend to keep her interested or deepen the bonds of your relationship.

Conversations are a good thing. It lets you know something about the other person without finding out the hard way. Just like a job interview, a lot of flags, both good and bad, reveal themselves if you know the right questions to ask your girlfriend.

But you may wonder what to ask.

It can be tricky since you don’t want to end up asking something that may offend your girlfriend. So what are some good questions to ask a girlfriend? Is it a good idea to talk about her family or mainly about her interests?

If you are the kind who often wonders – what to talk about with my girlfriend then you are at the right place. Just explore the questions in this article and ask them the next time you meet her. Amazing conversations are guaranteed!

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Great questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (2)

So, what are the questions to ask my girlfriend to keep things interesting?

If you want to think about questions to ask a girl, make sure it’s specific, and do not ask it directly. Learning how she, or any person, for that matter, spent their day in school will tell you a lot about a person.

Here’s a common question you can ask- I used to love/hate my time in school. How about you, do you miss it?

Here are more questions to keep the conversation going.

1. Did you join any clubs or organizations while you were there?

2. Do you still keep in touch with old classmates?

3. Do you still have a memento of your time in school? If yes, what is it?

4. Is there a teacher/professor that made an impression on you?

5. Did you meet someone special there?

6. What is the most amazing memory you have during your time in school?

7. What was the funniest prank you personally witnessed/or involved when you were in school?

8. Another way to learn more about the person you like is by learning about their views on traveling.

9. I want to visit [Insert Country Here] and [Interesting things in that country], what do you think?

This question will reveal two things, her socio-political views and how she spends extra cash. Does she want to feed starving orphans in Africa? Learn how ancient Egyptians live? Or does she want to drink overpriced French coffee?

You can normally get a positive response to this question. Here are some others to make it more interesting.

10. How about you? Have you ever been to [Name of Country]?

11. Given a choice, except for France (every girl wants to go to Paris), where would you want to go?

13. Do you have a list of places/countries you want to visit?

14. What kind of activities would you want to do there?

15. What do they have that you can’t find here or anywhere else?

16. Would you be interested in planning a trip there with me in the future?

17. If you can only go to one other country, which would it be?

18. Why do you love to travel?

Sweet questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (3)

Learning what your lady love likes should be on top of your list. Here’s a sweet way to ask about her interests.

I love [Insert Country Here] food. I’m thinking about getting cooking lessons for it. What do you think?

Many women love food, even if they are on a diet. They also love men who can cook. If you’re thinking about what to talk about with your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with food. Everyone eats. It’s all a matter of what they want to eat.

Pay attention to these points.

19. What kind of food do you like/hate

20. Can you cook?

21. Where to go on a date?

Knowing her tastes is one of the good questions to ask your girlfriend because it will tell you if she appreciates a home-cooked meal or wants to wine and dine in a Michelin star restaurant. It’s a great question to ask your girlfriend if you plan to do something special on your next date.

While food is an interesting and endless topic, here are other questions to make it more personal and interesting.

22. Do you like to cook?

23. How about you? Is there a dish in particular that you would consider your specialty?

24. Is there something you absolutely won’t eat?

25. Do you have food allergies?

26. Have you ever tried cooking together with your lover?

27. What would you consider the sexiest food/drink?

28. Do you believe in aphrodisiacs?

29. What is the weirdest food you have had?

30. What is your go-to food if you are hurrying?

31. Do you still read books?

Deep conversations to have with your GF can only come from topics she is passionate about. People who still buy books, even kindle PDF versions, are passionate about reading.

It is one of the questions for your girlfriend that lets you have deep, meaningful conversations with her.

Here are some questions that would delve deeper into her psyche.

32. What was the last book you read?

33. What was the first book you finished that isn’t on the school’s reading list?

34. What book have you read that was turned into a movie?

35. Did you like the movie version?

36. What’s your all-time favorite book that’s not yet a movie?

37. What’s next on your reading list?

38. Do you read self-help/improvement books?

39. Have you read [insert a book name]? I will recommend it to you.

40. What is your favorite genre?

If she doesn’t have any interest in books, then maybe you can ask about some other interests, for example, her interest in having a pet.

41. Do you like cats or dogs?

This one is stolen right off a scrapbook. Knowing if your girlfriend is a cat/dog person or allergic to furry friends may not matter much in a serious relationship. Still, it’s one of the cute questions to ask your girlfriend to help her relax.

Remember, when trying to start a conversation, don’t make it sound like you’re doing an interview.

42. Did you have one as a child?

43. Did you take care of him/her (the pet) yourself?

44. Did they have offspring?

45. Did anyone in your household/family hate them?

46. Did you buy them special food?

47. Would you like to have some in the future when you’re married?

48. How did you deal with it when they died?

49. What’s your favorite pastime with them?

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Questions to ask a girl on a date

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (4)

The best questions to ask your girlfriend aren’t just about finding out what she likes. You can also turn it around and find out what she doesn’t like. It’s similar to the “what are your weaknesses question, in a job interview.”

It tells you what to avoid and how to not act around her. It also would tell you if you’re going to have fun and long-lasting relationship. If she described your dream date, then you can tell right off the bat about your compatibility level with each other.

While learning about it may or may not lead to something interesting, here are some questions that will help lead to useful information that could support your relationship.

50. Describe your worst date.

51. Did you pay for it?

52. Did you see the person again?

53. Why did you agree to go with that person in the first place?

54. Would you enjoy the same activity with me?

55. What did you learn about the person or about yourself?

56. Is there something you could have done to turn it around?

57. Do you believe in being friends after the breakup?

Romantic questions to ask a girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (5)

Where is your favorite place to escape to?

This is a nice example of what love questions to ask your girlfriend on the internet. This particular set of questions to ask your girlfriend can lead to a good conversation and can be a good conversation starter.

58. How about virtually?

59. Is there a particular movie/series that you like to watch when you’re stressed out?

60. Is there something you enjoy doing alone?

61. If you could choose something non-living as a best friend, what would it be?

62. Is there somewhere you visit regularly to relax?

63. Do you go there with friends/family?

64. Have you ever tried going there on a date?

65. What attracts you to that place so much?

Best serious questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (6)

Moving on from her likes and dislikes, here are some questions to ask your gf if you want to know about her family life.

How were things like with your siblings when you were young?

This is one of the things to ask your girlfriend to find out about her relationship with her family. Suppose you plan to have a serious relationship. It’s an important question to ask your girlfriend if she has solid family values.

Here are some more:

66. Do you still meet/talk with your parents/siblings?

67. What’s the funniest thing you did with your siblings?

68. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with them?

69. Where you got caught and didn’t get caught?

70. Do you feel you’ve had a happy childhood?

71. Would you raise your kids the same way?

72. What is your equation with your siblings?

73. How often do you talk to them?

Do you like kids? You can also go for a direct approach to this one. If, based on previous conversations, she likes children, go ahead and ask directly. Most women do. So, it’s one of the questions to ask your girlfriend that could make her think you are serious about her.

These are sample follow-up questions to give you a better insight.

74. What’s the one thing you would definitely like to teach your kid?

75. Do you believe in praying as a family?

76. Do you prefer boys or girls?

77. How many kids would you like to have?

78. What kind of school would you want them to attend?

79. What would you do if they were going to foster a rare talent such as playing bagpipes or extreme skateboarding?

80. Would you respect their decision to change genders or dress inappropriately (by your standards)?

Fun questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (7)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for fun?

This is a question that lets you know how to push the boundaries of fun and what kind of exes she dated before. If you’re wondering what good questions to ask your girlfriend about their past without asking directly, this is one way of doing it.

Many men want to know what kind of men their girlfriend dated before, but it’s uncool to ask about it. Most women don’t like talking about their messy past, either. Here are additional questions that may help diffuse the conversation into something more fun and relaxing.

81. Who did you do it with?

82. How old were you when you did it?

83. What gave you the idea to try it?

84. What gave you the courage to go through with it?

85. Would you do it again?

86. Have you thought about taking it a step further?

87. Was it worth it?

88. Well, I want to do [insert activity]. Would you like to try that?

89. What crazy thing do you want to do but haven’t found the courage to do?

This is a follow-up question to ask your girlfriend if you feel she isn’t entirely truthful about the previous inquiry. That is one of the problems with asking questions directly if your relationship isn’t deep enough. It will get awkward and even insulting.

Find out how to press her buttons, and then you will get to know her better.

While there are romantic questions to ask your girlfriend if your bond is deep enough, you should already know the answers. These follow-up questions may lead to some interesting information on the conversation for you.

90. Do you still want to try it with my support/help/participation?

91. Is there anything in your life that’s preventing you from doing it?

92. Once you are old, do you think you would regret not giving it a try?

93. Is there something you haven’t done that you regret now?

94. Have you ever tried doing something crazy on a whim?

95. Do you feel it’s something that you can continue doing until you grow old?

96. Are you having fun with our relationship right now?

Deep questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (8)

If you wish to dive deep into the conversations that just never end, here’s a set of questions that will help you both know each other better:

97. Is there anything that you haven’t told anyone? I’d like to know.

98. What is one thing that you’d like to change about life?

99. What’s your biggest regret in life right now?

100. What is your biggest fear?

101. What is one thing you would like to change about our relationship?

102. When was the last time you felt lonely?

103. What are your expectations from marriage?

104. Tell me about your most embarrassing memory.

105. When was the last time you felt severely disappointed?

106. What is that one thing that you would like to change about me and why?

107. How do you imagine your retirement years to be like?

In the video below, Kalina Silverman talks about skipping small talks and engaging in deep conversations with someone. She explores interpersonal connections and believes skipping the small talk gives us a chance to learn much more about the person’s life story.

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (9)

Personal questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (10)

Personal questions are a great way to know your girlfriend better, her past and present and how she perceives herself and her life, in general. Check out questions to ask a girl to get to know her that you can ask your girlfriend at any given time:

108. Which movie makes you cry the most?

109. What’s that one food that you can binge eat?

110. What has been your worst date experience?

111. What is one dumb thing during your childhood that you believed for a very long time?

112. What makes you extremely joyous, in general?

113. Who could you sacrifice your life for and why?

114. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Sexy questions to ask your girlfriend

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (11)

Get intimate with your girlfriend with these sexy questions to understand her choices and fantasies and delight her each time you both get closer:

115. What’s your favorite position?

116. Name a sex position you’d like to try

117. What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

118. If you could choose what I was wearing right now, what would you choose?

119. When was the last time you had a dirty dream?

120. If we were out for dinner and I said I wanted to have sex right now, what would you do?

121. What’s the first thing that sexually attracts you to someone?

122. When it comes to BDSM, how far would you go?

Questions to ask your girlfriend about yourself

130+ Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to Know Her Better (12)

Let your girlfriend know you better with these questions that you should ask about yourself. This can also be used as quiz questions where you both can ask the same questions and understand each other a lot more:

123. What is my favorite color?

124. What is one of my fears?

125. If you had to keep a nickname for me, what would it be?

126. What is my favorite type of music?

127. What’s your favorite memory of me?

128. What was your first impression of me?

129. Do I prefer coffee or tea?

130. What is one thing I need to improve on?

131. What is my favorite type of food?

132. What was the first thing you ever gave me?


While you can find hundreds of funny, intriguing, sweet, and mind-blowing questions to ask your girlfriend, make sure you don’t end up sounding more like a job interviewer than a boyfriend. Also, remember that the answers to these questions are only the tip of the iceberg. Here is a short list of questions that can get things going.

  • Really? Tell me more about it?
  • That’s interesting. Why would you…
  • Wow, can you elaborate on that?

If you are looking for questions to ask your girl to get to know her, determine the motivations and passion behind history. It is not the act that matters but the rationality (or lack of it) behind it.

Once you learn how your girlfriend thinks, then you can genuinely say that you know her.

Someday, once you learn who she is, one of the ultimate sweet questions to ask your girlfriend could be – Will you marry me?

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