20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (2023)

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10 August 2022 by Max Langridge

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (1)

Streetwear fashion is the foundation of our style. Hoodies, graphic tees, basic tees, jeans, trousers, snapbacks… the list could go on; all of these are staple pieces crucial in defining our off-duty, casual wear. Your go-to streetwear brand says a lot about you, as there are iconic streetwear labels pioneering street culture, but there are many ‘wannabee’ and ‘copycat’ brands too.

Finding an excellent streetwear label isn’t just necessarily just about the garments, it’s about the message and the attitude that lays underneath, as this fashion movement was founded on skater and hip hop culture, giving couture fashion a run for its money.

Founded in the early 90s, today streetwear is embraced by high-end designers, with the likes of Balenciaga, Aimé Leon Dore, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, hopping on the contemporary fashion train. With brands like Obey and Off White developing a huge fan base, streetwear breathed new life into the fashion industry, as luxury clothing started to merge with an urban, bold aesthetic.

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To help you upgrade your casual wardrobe, we’ve carefully selected our favourite streetwear brands geared to make you feel cool and comfortable because who says beauty is pain? These brands are guaranteed to capture a little nostalgia into your collection as well.



20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (2)1/19

In 2018, socialite of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ fame, Scott Disick launched his casual luxury clothing line Talentless, consisting of timeless pieces guaranteed to upgrade your everyday wear. Talentless feature minimalist, simple designs made from soft premium fabrics.

If you’re looking to build your wardrobe with some impeccable basics, then look no further as Talentess have some of the stylish basic tees, graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, crewnecks and jumpers. These are fantastic pieces of loungewear if you’re going for a polished off-duty aesthetic.

Customer Reviews: “The quality of the clothing is the best I have ever seen. I have multiple pieces of clothing from Talentless and they hold up great.”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (3)2/19

Represent is one of the most iconic streetwear brands around. The company was founded in 2012 by brothers George and Michael Heaton, who turned their hobby into a global fashion brand. For the past nine years, Represent cultivated a loyal following by creating the most delicate garments that capture the spirit of Britain. Represent work meticulously with each item of clothing treated with great detail and care.

Make sure you check out their range as they feature the most stylish oversized hoodies with the company logo embodied on the front of the design.

Customer Reviews: “I’m really impressed by the quality of the clothing. Their sales are amazing and their customer loyalty scheme I applaud. Well done REPRESENT CLOTHING.”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (4)3/19

Vans dates as far back as 1966 under a different name -Van Doren Rubber. Initially designing canvas deck shoes with a rubber grip, everyone in Southern California soon owned a pair of Vans. However, since then, the brand has launched a range of sports and lifestyle apparel influenced by the sandy beaches of California and skate culture.

Fusing great designs with premium fabrics, Vans are all about capturing a playful, youthful essence into its collection. If you’re looking for an amusing, contemporary fashion, Vans has you covered.

Customer Reviews: “Excellent quality comfortable stylish, unique.. My favorite brand of shoes.. I have been using Vans since I was 13 years old and now I’m 44years old.”



20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (5)4/19

In 2002, professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel founded his company Huf. This brand is one of the most iconic streetwear labels as they combine outstanding designs with excellent craftsmanship and functionality. This line is mainly inspired by American vintage while fusing casual wear with skateboarder fashion.
Huf has a whole range of stellar vintage button-ups, graphic tees, socks, snapbacks, hoodies, jackets and pants to elevate your streetwear attire.

Customer Reviews: “The store that made me a shoe head.Great selection and they get most of the limited stuff- Adidas, Nike, New Balance, etc..”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (6)5/19

Stussy was born in the late 80s by Shawn Stussy, who was inspired by the Southern California scene to create the best surf and skate apparel. Stussy has built a legacy creating unique products, embraced by the skateboard, surf, hip hop and punk scene, and other subcultures. Starting as a small brand, Stussy has developed a global following while revolutionising streetwear fashion.

If you’re for the pinnacle of urban streetwear, you have to check out their collection as Stussy’s designs are fun, eclectic that capture a laid back free-spirited aesthetic. These designs are suitable for wearing while you skate around all day or even just to lounge around in.

Customer Reviews: “I love this brand. Quality and design is topnotch.”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (7)6/19

Converse was launched in 1908 and has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003. This brand has become known for its signature footwear for over a century now, with its shoes worn worldwide. Initially manufacturing footwear for the military, it was one of the few producers of athletic shoes. Converse has since built an empire, with more than 100 retail stores and 63 stores in international markets.

Converse has the freshest kicks if you want to upgrade your shoe collection. Converse are primarily known for their classic black high tops; however, they have a whole collection of shoes in various colours, styles and prints. The brand also has a small range of apparel that’s seriously cool too.

Customer Reviews: “I love Converse. Whatever I have ordered so far comes on time and exactly how I imagined. The converse are always well made and last.”

Maniere De Voir

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (8)7/19

Reece Wabara launched this brand in 2013 to create quality contemporary clothing for the most affordable price. Maniere De Voir is truly a killer streetwear brand, driven by design and quality. Believing that great designs should be accessible for everyone, Maniere De Voir manufactures the best clothing for the lowest prices, a perfect choice if you’re looking for well made casual wear without breaking the bank.

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Their latest collection features garments capturing a minimalist, simple aesthetic, a great option if you want to build your wardrobe with exceptional essential pieces.

Customer Reviews: “I have been ordering from Maniere De Voir for quite some time now. I really do like their clothes. They are unique and cool.”

The People Vs.

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (9)8/19

The People Vs. fuse contemporary streetwear with rock nostalgia, creating vintage-inspired pieces. These designs are heavily influenced by the grunge scene presenting a line of edgy and experimental clothing, perfect for those wanting to insert a little attitude into their streetwear. This brand has some of the most playful and fun graphic tees geared to make you look super fashionable. Whether you’re skating or just hanging out, Their collection will make you feel incredibly comfortable and confident.

Customer Reviews: “Best shop to go to if you are into Blending modern streetwear with vintage nostalgia. Great deals and steals.”

John Elliot

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (10)9/19

John Elliot founded this eponymous label with his lifelong friend and business partner Aaron Lavee in 2012. This is one of the best streetwear brands as John Elliot has won numerous accolades, including GQ’s Best New Designer of the Year award in 2014.

John Elliot’s collection features clean lines and tailored fits while executing a high level of detail and care. They have impeccable basics and traditional designs, guaranteed to never go out of style. Additionally, these garments are constructed out of supreme fabrics and materials promising to last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews: “Great Selection for Great Prices!” Love this site. The clothes are so whimsical.”

Golden Goose

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (11)10/19

Since 2000, Golden Goose has produced premium footwear, with their iconic distressed sneakers at the forefront of their signature style. This Italian high fashion label creates the best shoes that capture a vintage essence that showcase the brand’s infamous star logo. Their latest collection is highly diverse and suitable for almost every occasion, featuring different prints, colours, and patterns.

But Golden Goose also has a small but cool range of men’s clothing. Anything from this range is sure to up your streetwear cred.

Customer Reviews: “Just love Golden Goose! The products are just so unique. I got so many pair of sneakers and also the clothes are my fav!!!!”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (12)11/19

G-Star RAW is a Dutch designer clothing company founded by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam in the late nineties, which produces high-quality menswear. This brand has pioneered the streetwear industry with its original denim designs, taking craftsmanship to the next level. G-Star is perfect if you’re looking for an impeccable pair of jeans as this company creates ‘luxury denim for the streets.’.

However, they have a versatile collection that also delivers the best jackets, basic tees, pants, shoes and accessories. This range manufacture incredible well-made garments that capture a rugged, classic style – especially great if you’re looking to build upon your winter collection.

Customer Reviews: “Wide selection of good quality products, and good customer service. I’m a regular customer and have 0 complaints so far!”

SHOP NOW g-star.com

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Adidas Originals

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (13)12/19

This revolutionary clothing empire began in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Adidas founder Adi Dassler registered the ‘Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’, while in his mother’s wash kitchen in 1924. Dassler had one main goal – to provide athletes with the best possible equipment.

If you’re looking for a brand that produces diverse athletic gear that can be worn as streetwear too, then look no further than Adidas Originals. Adidas Originals offer quality sportswear apparel in a range of colours and styles. Make sure you check out their collection, as they’re currently having a mid-season sale.

Customer Reviews: “Adidas is my main go for clothes and sneakers. They last a long time, are well made, fashionable and comfortable. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Golf Wang

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (14)13/19

When Golf Wang first came onto the scene in 2011, it quickly became one of the most talked-about streetwear brands thanks to its innovative and fashion-forward designs. Founded by musician Tyler, the Creator, the name Golf Wang is a subtle nod to his Los Angeles based music collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA). This skate brand has made its mark in the streetwear world as they produce incredible colourful and playful designs that reflect a West Coast sensibility.

Customer Reviews: “Well constructed clothing and not cheaply made. I love the quality and my fav brand by far!!”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (15)14/19

Patta was founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt in 2004. This music and fashion collective have pioneered the sneaker and streetwear world as it is one of the few black-owned brands, consisting of a clothing line, Patta Soundsystem, Patta Running Team and the Patta Foundation, which focuses on youth cultural education.

The brand is named after a slang term for “shoe” – a nod to the founder’s Surinamese heritage. Patta is constantly pushing the fashion boundaries while still wanting to elicit social change in everything they do.

Make sure you check out their collection as they have a diverse range of men’s streetwear and accessories, suitable for every occasion. Patta has casual streetwear, but they also have more formal pieces, ideal for a more polished look.

Customer Reviews: “Bought a hoodie. Quality is super nice! Prices are ok. Order came in really quick.”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (16)15/19

Carhartt was established in 1889 and is a premium workwear brand, offering the very best jeans, shirts, overalls, coveralls, dungarees, fire-resistant clothing and hunting clothing. Founded by Hamilton Carhartt, this company is a family-run business that honour the values of dependability, honesty, and trust.
If you’re looking for a streetwear label that creates quality garments that highlight form and function, Carhatt has you covered. These designs are incredibly well-made, durable and rugged workwear that’s supremely cosy and comfortable.

Customer Reviews: “The quality is outstanding and their products last for years. My new favorite outerwear company! 10/10!”

Shop at carhartt.com

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A Cold Wall

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (17)16/19

Founded in 2015 by Samuel Ross, A Cold Wall has redefined modern menswear through its daring designs rooted in architecture and industrial design. A Cold Wall makes the most stylish men’s clothing and accessories, guaranteed to elevate your style. Ross launched this label to reflect youth culture in the contemporary streetwear scene.

Its distinct style is informed by Ross’ studies in graphic design and illustration, creating luxurious and refined garments made from high-quality fabrics. These pieces are durable textiles, achieving a rugged and tough look, tailored to perfection.

Customer Reviews: “Luxury meets streetwear! Love the quality of the clothes here. Aestheticaly pleasing and is based on streetwear and street culture. Great combo!”

Heron Preston

20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (18)17/19

San Francisco-born designer and DJ Heron Preston launched his streetwear collection in 2016. Preston provides a unique lens into the internet and youth culture through his innovative fashion. Aside from being one of the best streetwear brands, this collection is environmentally friendly, manufacturing their clothes using sustainable and responsible practices.

This contemporary luxury fashion line combines a laidback aesthetic with premium materials and fabrics. Make sure you check out their online store as they have a diverse collection of menswear and accessories that will have you looking effortlessly cool and fresh.

Customer Reviews: “I have really become a fan of this brand. Several garments from this brand now and all of them for very good quality! Highly recommended!”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (19)18/19

Obey is one of the greatest streetwear brands founded on the art, design and ideals of street artist Shepard Fairey. This company, born in 2001, is rooted in punk rock and skateboarding culture. Inserting a sense of sarcasm and self-empowerment into the brand, the name ‘Obey’ is Fairey’s idea of reverse psychology, poking fun at propagandists and their agendas.

Obey’s distinct style is heavily influenced by basic workwear and classic military designs, combining it with a sleek urban look. If you’re looking for a reliable,well-manufactured brand, then Obey is for you as each item is treated with great care and love. These designs will make you stand out and look like an absolute original.

Customer Reviews: “Love the service of obey. Fast delivery. Love your apparel!”


20 Best Streetwear Brands To Rock In 2023 (20)19/19

Y-3 is a collaboration label between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese designer who creates bold designs and striking silhouettes. This collaboration aims to bring Yamamoto and Adidas’ signature style, merging high fashion with advanced sportswear. You’ll struggle to find sports apparel that effortlessly blends into streetwear the way that Y-3 does. These designs highlight functionality and fashion elegance with their avant-garde Japanese minimalist style. This futurist line will have you feeling super cool and crisp.

Customer Reviews: “I would definitely recommend and stop by here again when in town. I also love the uniqueness of some of the clothes and shoes.”

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