50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (2023)

When it comes to fashion, luxury brands are exclusive and timeless status symbols that will take your style to the next level. If you want to transform your wardrobe, these expensive clothing brands can help you look stylish, classy and successful with the right outfits.

Whether you’re shopping for apparel, handbags or accessories, these designer brands offer premium designs made with high-quality materials, allowing you to stand out in any crowd. While high fashion can be expensive, the right items from some of the world’s most exclusive high-end companies can make all the difference in your look.

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton, these luxury fashion brands will help you find expensive clothing and create trendy outfits.

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  • 1 Expensive Luxury Clothing Brands
    • 1.1 Chanel
    • 1.2 Hermès
    • 1.3 Versace
    • 1.4 Prada
    • 1.5 Dior
    • 1.6 Fendi
    • 1.7 Valentino
    • 1.8 Louis Vuitton
    • 1.9 Gucci
    • 1.10 Bulgari
    • 1.11 Loro Piana
    • 1.12 Brioni
    • 1.13 Tom Ford
    • 1.14 Armani
    • 1.15 Stella McCartney
    • 1.16 Oscar de la Renta
    • 1.17 Lanvin
    • 1.19 Burberry
    • 1.20 Ralph Lauren
    • 1.21 Alexander McQueen
    • 1.22 Balenciaga
    • 1.23 Yves Saint Laurent
    • 1.24 Christian Louboutin
    • 1.25 Bottega Veneta
    • 1.26 Salvatore Ferragamo
    • 1.27 Celine
    • 1.28 Balmain
    • 1.29 Givenchy
    • 1.30 Coach
    • 1.31 Kenzo
    • 1.32 Berluti
    • 1.33 Zegna
    • 1.34 Comme Des Garçons
    • 1.35 Brunello Cucinelli
    • 1.36 DKNY
    • 1.37 Paul Smith
    • 1.38 Supreme
    • 1.39 Hugo Boss
    • 1.40 DSquared2
    • 1.41 Thom Browne
    • 1.42 Marc Jacobs
    • 1.43 Lacoste
    • 1.44 Off-White
    • 1.45 Tory Burch
    • 1.46 Canada Goose
    • 1.47 Ted Baker
    • 1.48 Kate Spade
  • 2 Popular Luxury Fashion Brands

Expensive Luxury Clothing Brands


As one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world, Chanel is a French fashion house that has been releasing cutting-edge and refined pieces since its founding in 1910. The logo is recognized for its interlocking “C” emblem while the company channels traditional Parisian glamour with haute couture suits, elegant accessories and striking footwear. This iconic brand is popular on the runway, but you’ll also spot its lipsticks, complexion products and fragrance bottles gracing department store shelves across the globe.

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Hermès is a luxury brand renowned for its chic ready-to-wear lines, accessories and stunning scarves. Leather goods are a major profit driver for the company and their showstopping Birkin bags are some of the most expensive handbags on the market. If you need to wrap up during the wintertime, the brand’s hand-rolled shawls and fashionable twill scarves are covered with eye-catching designs that will look breathtakingly beautiful for years to come.

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Versace is a luxury Italian fashion house that started its life as a ready-to-wear line before expanding into the accessories space. Although it was originally run by style icon Gianni Versace, the company is now spearheaded by Donatella Versace. The brand prides itself on using eclectic patterns, detailed embroidery and bright colors across every collection, making it the perfect choice for trendsetters. Whether you’re searching for a strapping suit for a corporate event or an elegant cocktail dress for a New Year’s bash, you’ll always stand out in Versace.

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Prada is an expensive Italian fashion house known for pairing timeless tailoring with new-age styles. The company has been rocking the fashion scene since 1913 and is always breaking boundaries with daring silhouettes, suits with nylon detailing or metallic accents and sky-high heels that are worthy of any red carpet. If you’re not in the market for garments, Prada also offers a wide range of travel accessories, handbags, fragrances and makeup products to dial up your look.

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Dior has become a popular designer brand that started as a humble retailer back in 1946. With a commitment to quality and style, Dior makes sophisticated and elegant pieces, boasting fine tailoring, classic lines and beautiful stitching. The brand has also been credited with revolutionizing women’s fashion and catapulting Parisian styles back into the limelight after World War II. Throw in its viral lip oils, fragrances, and accessories, and it’s easy to see why Dior has retained its position at the top of the high-fashion pecking order for decades.

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Since bursting onto the scene in 1925, Fendi has become synonymous with high-quality leather goods and gorgeous accessories. After finding success as a fur and leather shop under original owners Adele and Edoardo Fendi, the label expanded into selling stylish purses like the Baguette, Sunshine and Peekaboo. Featuring high-quality materials and subtle details to keep all their products wearable, any product from Fendi is an excellent choice for upscale everyday fashion.

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Valentino makes breathtaking ready-to-wear garments and attractive accessories. This fashion house designs immaculately tailored garments like strapless cocktail dresses and couture gowns to Hollywood royalty. The luxury company also offers old-school sartorial elegance and well-cut suits with flattering silhouettes and modern fabrics. If you’re looking for finishing touches, the label produces striking sunglasses, scarves, handbags and shoes that are bound to impress.

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Louis Vuitton

As a designer that makes high-quality garments, purses and accessories, Louis Vuitton has become one of the most valuable fashion brands in the world. The company has been releasing attractive leather products since 1837 and has perfected its approach over the years by using sleek lines, recognizable branding and effortless stitching. A set of matching luggage from Louis Vuitton is the ultimate status symbol, but their iconic handbags, sleek coats and expensive watches are just as coveted.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (9)


Founded by Italian designer Guccio Gucci in 1921, Gucci is well-known for its cutting-edge leather goods and outlandish patterns. This upscale brand has made its mark with stylish sneakers and iconic handbags, but it stays true to its roots by offering Italian craftsmanship and sleek lines on most ready-to-wear lines. Whether you want to express yourself with a mix of velvet and embroidery or prefer wearable designs with subtle gold accents, Gucci has your ideal match.

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Bulgari is a luxury accessories company that has been rocking the fashion industry since 1884. It is best known for selling high-end jewelry and watches encrusted with precious stones. Although it’s usually the gemstones that stand out, Bulgari pieces are also characterized by stunning yellow gold, bold patterns and traditional Roman design work. If you’d prefer to invest in a chic crossbody bag or evening clutch, their wide range of hand-stitched purses and leather goods are sure to fit the bill.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (11)

Loro Piana

Loro Piana specializes in soft cashmere garments and luxury wool products for fashionistas. This Italian company uses only the finest materials from Mongolia, Australia and Myanmar to produce the most luxurious skin feel possible. Selling everything from beanies and ski headbands to comforting shawls and stoles, Loro Piana proves that elegance and refinement are worth shelling out for.

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Brioni is an Italian menswear label that consists of made-to-measure suits, ready-to-wear garments and luxury leather goods. The brand’s commitment to sartorial elegance means that every single stitch is perfectly aligned for a cut that feels as good as it looks. Most men opt for the Silk-Cashmere collection as it’s lightweight and timeless, but their high-class tuxedos are a sophisticated pick for weddings, funerals and other important events.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an eponymous American fashion brand that perfectly balances practical designs with cutting-edge features and bold patterns. Despite only being around since 2005, this creative company has quickly established itself as a frontrunner in the beauty and ready-to-wear spaces. Whether you’re on the hunt for a striking new eyeshadow palette, a luxe suit or an exotic leather handbag, you’ll find them all under one roof at Tom Ford.

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Founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975, Armani is a top Italian name brand known for suave suits and professional garments. The company has always focused on sophisticated lines and sartorial excellence, with classic colors and plush materials taking center stage in every new collection. Although Armani is praised for its menswear, you can also take your look back to basics with tailored jackets, relaxed jeans, joggers and classy polo shirts that will look dapper on and off the golf course.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (15)

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a British designer label that has been making waves with its eco-friendly and ethical approach to fashion. After learning the ropes as the creative director of Chloe, McCartney set up her eponymous line in 2001. Although she’s best known for selling stylish dresses and accessories made with sustainable and non-violent materials, the launch of McCartney’s menswear line in 2016 allowed her to let loose on the male fashion space with athleisure and casual outfits.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (16)

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta has been breaking boundaries in the fashion industry since 1965 with ready-to-wear garments, chic bridal gowns and glamorous accessories. This Dominican designer has dressed Hollywood celebrities in stunning eveningwear for decades, including notable figures like Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jacqueline Kennedy. Although he’s primarily seen as a dressmaker, this exciting designer also offers a range of vibrant clutches, totes and crossbody handbags that pair perfectly with his elegant gowns.

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Lanvin is a sophisticated French name brand known for its minimalist designs and sophisticated cuts. When it started its life in 1889, the company was entirely focused on selling Parisian hats. Before long, founder Jeanne Lanvin was mocking up designs for womenswear garments, lingerie and accessories. With a focus on intricate details and modern glamour, most pieces feature stunning trimmings and subtle sequins. If you’re not interested in their wearable items, they also have a stunning selection of citrus-based fragrances that are clean, fresh and unique.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (18)

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a popular Italian company regarded for its Mediterranean-inspired clothing. Although they sell a collection of dapper suits with classic tailoring and masculine cuts, the brand is more focused on championing female beauty with its clothing, underwear, swimsuits, handbags and fragrances. Instead of heavily branded pieces, you’ll find fun pinstripes, animal prints, floral embroidery and delicate lace making an appearance throughout the catalog.

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Burberry is a famous British fashion brand that designs beautiful clothing, accessories and footwear. The company’s enduring popularity is largely down to its sleek gabardine trench coats and iconic nova check print, but the company also plays on British sartorial elegance with polished cuts and simple designs. Although Burberry is still regarded for its sturdy outerwear, everything from its charming wallets and handbags to its floral fragrances is worth a second look.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (20)

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion label known for its preppy and stylish apparel, footwear and accessories. The focal point of the collection has always been the simple and flattering polo shirt, but this timeless retailer also stocks a selection of fitted suits, stunning woolen dresses and kitsch scarves. Customers will pay a high price for the quintessential branding and luxury materials, but the top-notch craftsmanship and excellent customer service make every garment worth the investment.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (21)

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a high-end British brand that has been taking the fashion industry by storm with its bold and brash designs for decades. The line was founded in 1992 after McQueen learned the basics of tailoring at Saville Row. Since then, the company has experimented with everything from loud colors to punkish graphics to make its mark. The eponymous designer passed away in 2010, but new creative director Sarah Burton continues to release artistic, rebellious and edgy pieces that look effortlessly stylish on and off the runway.

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Balenciaga is an iconic brand that believes in the power of futuristic lines, daring patterns and high-quality materials. Founder Cristobal Balenciaga refused to be held back by traditional expectations and quickly became known as “The Master” of haute couture thanks to his revolutionary ballroom hems and use of rogue shapes. These days, the luxury fashion house specializes in funky sneakers, urban streetwear and stylish sack dresses that blur the lines between masculine and feminine aesthetics.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (23)

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is an expensive fashion house that first rose to fame in 1961 with its ready-to-wear pieces and luxury leather goods. The company has always excelled at creating modern and youthful pieces that break typical boundaries, including the popularization of trousers for women during the 1960s. You’ll find iconic stilettos and stunning handbags in the brand’s catalog, but it’s better known for releasing gender-fluid clothing with ambiguous lines and cool accents.

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Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is the place to be for iconic red-soled stilettos. This French luxury brand has amassed a loyal female following over the years, including celebrities like Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez. You’ll find a few neutral shades in Louboutin’s enormous catalog, but the company is better known for its heavily patterned and patent styles that are designed to stand out. Whether you decide to splurge on a pair of the flirty “So Kate” shoes or the wearable “Iriza” heel, a pair of Louboutins will certainly put a spring in your step.

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Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a leading brand in the luxury retail market that produces edgy garments, leather goods and high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Men will appreciate the company’s commitment to using heritage tailoring and suits with breathable vents and dapper lapels, while women will adore the bold colors and polished silhouettes found in the womenswear line. Despite most of the pieces being supremely wearable, shoppers should keep an eye out for intricate details like high-end ribbed cotton, spiral sleeves and woven leather accents in Bottega Veneta products.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (26)

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is an expensive fashion brand known for its quality materials, a vast selection of ready-to-wear garments and gorgeous footwear. The company originally started as a quaint shoemaking business in Naples, but it exploded in popularity because of a patented steel shank that seamlessly supported the arch of the foot. The brand has grown into the accessories space in recent decades, but it remains one of the best options for high-quality footwear.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (27)


Celine is an upscale French ready-to-wear company that makes sleek and attractive leather handbags. Despite starting its life as a children’s made-to-measure store, the label quickly transformed into a high-end fashion house that drew inspiration from the effortlessly elegant outfits that founder Celine Vipiana frequently saw modeled around Paris. There are a few bright items available in the catalog, but there is a larger focus on neutral tones, gold hardware and classic silhouettes that will stand the test of time.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (28)


Balmain is a French clothing and accessories retailer that designs sophisticated clothing for men, women and children. The company provides perfect tailoring found in the Balmain Signature line which makes use of the sleek Balmain Silhouette. However, even their simplest designs showcase tiny details like vibrant buttons, emblazoned coats of arms, metal embellishments, tassels and symbols. Aiming to showcase the best of classic French elegance without looking overly modern, Balmain is a leading player when it comes to old-school luxury.

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Givenchy is an expensive and haute couture designer brand regarded for selling out-of-the-box clothing, accessories and footwear. The company is all about experimenting with new-age ideas and breaking boundaries in the luxury fashion industry. As a result, it’s an ideal choice for daring fashionistas who appreciate bold patterns, statement pieces and innovation. When it comes to chic feminine silhouettes, Hubert de Givenchy was also the first couturier to master the famous Little Black Dress. If you can’t get enough of the company’s elegant pieces, complete your look with a Swiss-made timepiece or a gorgeous pair of earrings.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (30)


Coach is an iconic American fashion house that specializes in leather handbags, accessories and footwear. Unlike its competitors, this upscale brand keeps its prices reasonable and accessible for mid-range shoppers who still want to experience high-class craftsmanship. Its leatherwork and stitching are exceptional and the emblazoned “C” hardware and clasps on their handbags have become instantly recognizable. Although it can’t quite compete with powerhouses like Dior and Chanel, Coach is a reputable place to visit for modern designs and quality materials.

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Since its founding in 1970, the Japanese-owned brand Kenzo has been adored for its accessible prices, chic knitwear and youthful designs. Now owned by the conglomerate LVMH, this stylish and sophisticated company aims to blend Japanese culture with European fashion to create eye-catching collections that are bursting with character. Selling everything from cozy knits and urban hoodies to edgy graphic tees and cute accessories, Kenzo’s iconic tiger emblem shows no signs of going out of style.

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Berluti is a high-end leather manufacturer and menswear designer that believes in the power of self-expression and bespoke tailoring. The brand is all about championing individuality, creating bold silhouettes in jewel-toned and neutral colors to suit every skin tone and taste. Although their classic wool and patina suits are the company’s bestselling pieces, rebellious guys will appreciate the calfskin, kangaroo and exotic leather accessories that will take any outfit up a notch. If you’re looking for more, the sleek and well-defined Capri Leather Boot will pull your ensemble together in a flash.

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Zegna is an Italian clothing brand that quickly became a major player in the luxury clothing space with its fine suits, bespoke jackets and attractive footwear. Its menswear collection is made using the highest-quality materials and there is a large focus on classic silhouettes and neutral tones for a wearable wardrobe. To keep their production line earth-friendly, the company also uses sustainable wool and textiles wherever possible. Whether you’re in the market for a sleek suit or a smart-casual blazer for a work event, this elegant designer will help you find the perfect fit.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (34)

Comme Des Garçons

Comme Des Garçons is a Japanese-French fashion label born from the brilliant mind of Rei Kawakubo. This eclectic brand is known for selling youthful and refreshing everyday basics that are designed to be cool and comfortable. This includes slouchy shirts, cozy hoodies, urban sneakers and flashy accessories. Their graphic and logo-heavy designs won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the artistic lines, splattered branding and bold colors are guaranteed to have all eyes on you.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (35)

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinello is an Italian fashion company that sells luxurious knitwear and accessories. The brand specializes in handmade garments made from cashmere that has been painstakingly woven to feel incredibly smooth against the skin. The cashmere is sourced from inner Mongolia before being transported to Italy to be crafted into sweaters, pants and coats. Every piece is designed to look timeless and match beautifully with the rest of your closet, allowing shoppers to reduce clothing waste and create the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (36)


DKNY is a well-known American clothing brand that produces trendy clothing and accessories inspired by contemporary New York fashion. Since launching in 1984, this fun upscale company has released everything from wearable little black dresses to stylish watches and practical crossbody bags. Although the brand is undeniably luxurious, this slightly more affordable subsection of the Donna Karan line focuses on creating functional and stylish items that will support the lives of modern men and women.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (37)

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a world-famous British designer that blends tailoring excellence with modern art trends to create unique pieces. While the company is well-known for designing bold shirts, everything from socks to quirky fragrances is adorned with signature stripes and cool details. Paul Smith’s menswear is comfortable and casual enough for daily wear, but the expert tailoring and luxurious materials take things to the next level. Whether you’re drawn in by the hot pink jacket linings or irregular patterns, this British clothier will inject your wardrobe with youthful energy.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (38)


Supreme is an American clothing and lifestyle brand that has been dominating the skater scene since launching in 1994. It’s one of the most popular companies for streetwear lovers as the graphic designs and bold colors appeal to the younger generation. Older skaters who need high-quality and luxurious goods are bound to appreciate the functional overcoats, soft logo sweatshirts and limited edition pieces. Marketed to hip-hop fans and punk rockers from all over the world, Supreme is a trendy company that has already made a significant mark in the fashion industry.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (39)

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a mid-range designer brand that produces suave and dapper menswear that won’t break the bank. Despite being budget-friendly, each clothing item in the company’s catalog is crafted from high-quality linen, cotton or fine virgin wool for a luxurious look and feel. Its stylish designs are ideal for modern weddings and special occasions, but they’re equally fashionable if you’re heading to a corporate event or an important first date. To round off your look, grab one of Hugo Boss’s iconic wristwatches, pocket squares or fragrances.

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Despite being one of the newer players in the luxury fashion game, DSquared2 has made a name for itself as one of the most stylish and sophisticated ready-to-wear brands. The company’s founders Dan and Dean Caten have made it their mission to create clothing with playful slogans, edgy cuts and distressed details. Unlike other upscale fashion brands that rely on refined patterns and meticulous stitching, DSquared2 is all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and the power of staying true to yourself.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (41)

Thom Browne

Founded in 2001, Thom Browne is a boundary-breaking American luxury brand that sells perfectly fitted garments for all ages. The company creates classic suits with an ultra-slim fit, chic womenswear and stylish children’s clothing, proving it’s anything but a one-trick pony. Whether you’re a fan of cheeky tartan patterns or prefer contrast paneling and herringbone, there’s bound to be something in Thom Browne’s catalog that catches your eye.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (42)

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion retailer known for its sartorial elegance, funky accessories and stylish grunge collections. With over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry, Marc Jacobs knows the score when it comes to crafting high-quality handbags, gorgeous jewelry and perfectly tailored pieces that inspire confidence. Stocking oversized retro trousers, structured dresses and urban blazers, this daring and innovative designer always has something new up his sleeve.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (43)


Lacoste was founded in 1933 by tennis star Rene Lacoste and serial entrepreneur André Gillier. The luxury sportswear brand makes preppy polo shirts and tennis whites, but this upscale company is also an industry leader in performance activewear like coats and windbreakers. Suitable for hitting the green, the slopes or the country club, Lacoste attire is an ideal choice for creating a high-quality and trendless wardrobe of staples.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (44)


When it comes to upscale streetwear with youthful flair, Off-White is leagues ahead of the pack. This funky brand has only been on the scene since 2013, but it instantly appealed to the younger generations with high-profile collaborations and edgy designs. Founder Virgil Abloh has made it his mission to blend contemporary street culture with luxurious materials to create a unique label that instantly commands attention. Selling everything from iconic hoodies and logo shirts to sneakers and slouchy backpacks, Off-White allows you to create a badass outfit from the ground up.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (45)

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is an American designer label that offers classy accessories, handbags and footwear. The brand’s pieces are preppy and bohemian but remarkably easy to wear as Burch uses a range of complementary colors across each of her collections. If you’re a pop culture lover, you may have spotted the company’s signature emblem taking center stage in young adult shows like Gossip Girl. While ready-to-wear crew necks and dresses are among the brand’s bestsellers, it’s the roomy totes and charming satchels that you’ll usually spot on the streets of Manhattan.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (46)

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is a highly-regarded outerwear brand that has been selling lightweight coats, parkas and accessories since 1957. All parkas are crafted from the finest goose down sourced from Canadian farmers, while the removable fur-lined hood is designed to be extremely durable and cozy. Although each coat will set you back a pretty penny, the seamless stitching, lightweight feel and lifetime guarantee make the initial investment a no-brainer.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (47)

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a premium UK-based clothing company that designs elegant suits, shirts, coats and dresses. There is an equal mix of menswear and womenswear up for grabs, but the gorgeous Sandra wrap coat for women remains one of the brand’s most popular exports. Since launching in 1988 in Glasgow, Ted Baker has focused on rolling out kitsch prints, flattering silhouettes and stunning leather goods that are designed to seamlessly slot into a working lifestyle.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (48)

Kate Spade

Hailing from NYC and adored by fashionistas, Kate Spade is a famous designer that sells elegant handbags and quirky ready-to-wear pieces. After taking off in 1993, this pioneering American company has released structured tote bags, statement jewelry and heavily-patterned dresses that allow women to express themselves freely. Whether you’re a fan of subtle neutrals or can’t get enough of loud patterns and pastels, Kate Spade has got you covered.

50 Most Expensive Clothing Brands (2023 List) (49)

Popular Luxury Fashion Brands

The most popular luxury fashion brands in the world are Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Prada, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani. These designer brands make stylish clothing, handbags, accessories and footwear using quality materials and premium craftsmanship. From trendy to handmade designs, these high-end fashion houses offer the most expensive clothing that will help you create effortlessly chic and cool outfits.


What are the top clothing brands 2022? ›

The top 10 clothing brands in the world based on their brand value ranking in 2022 are Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Adidas, Hermès, Zara, H&M, Cartier and UNIQLO. The clothing industry, also known as the apparel market, includes clothing ranging from sportswear to business wear to daily wear to luxury products.

What clothes brands do millionaires wear? ›

What brands do the ultra-wealthy wear, and where do rich people shop?
  • Zilli.
  • Kiton.
  • Stefano Ricci.
  • Tom Ford.
  • Brioni.
  • Cesare Attolini.

What is the fastest growing fashion brand? ›

Louis Vuitton retained its number 1 spot and was the fastest riser in the luxury category, growing 46% year on year.
Kantar BrandZ™ Top 10 Most Valuable Apparel Brands 2021.
Country of OriginUS
Brand value 2021 ($MN)83,709
Brand value 2020 ($MN)49,962
Brand Value Increase68%
9 more columns
Jun 28, 2021

What is the hottest fashion brand right now? ›

Prada Is Apparently the Hottest Brand On Earth

According to the latest installment of Lyst's Fashion Report, online searches for the luxury Italian house's rose by 37% for the Q4 period (Oct-Dec 2022), a stat that's seen it move into the number one spot for the very first time.

Which clothing brand is luxury? ›

The top 15 most popular luxury brands online
4Louis VuittonFashion
11 more rows
Jan 2, 2023

What is the most luxurious brand? ›

The annual report on the most valuable and strongest luxury & premium brands Ranking
23Louis Vuitton
21 more rows

What is the oldest fashion brand? ›

Hermès! The French fashion house is the world's oldest luxury brand still in operation today. It was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès.

What brand is most expensive? ›

LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) was the most valuable luxury brand in the world, with a brand value of about 124.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.
CharacteristicBrand value in million U.S. dollars
9 more rows
Dec 5, 2022

What is 2023 color of the year fashion? ›

Symbolizing strength and optimism, Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023 signals everything we hope for the upcoming year. Viva Magenta is an electrifying color that features hints of blue and crimson red with a unique blend of warmth and coolness.

What will be the color for 2023? ›

Pantone recently announced its 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta.

What is the color for 2023 in fashion? ›

If Cerulean blue – the subject of Priestly's icy speech – was Pantone's inaugural colour of the year back in 2000, 2023 by contrast is set to be defined by the decidedly more vibrant Viva Magenta.

What shoes will be popular in 2023? ›

In 2023, sleek, heeled, black leather boots will be the most popular shoe on everyone's feet. The key to this trend is wearability—the heel height itself shouldn't be very high at all! Instead, look for a boot with a kitten heel height.

What is winter 2023 style? ›

Winter 2023 is going to be about comfort and oversized statement pieces. Street style trends from November and December 2022 point toward fur and fleece-lined jackets, oversized pants, and gender neutral silhouettes. Bags are small, bright, and often crossbody. Utilitarian cargo pants and vests are also trending.

What are quiet wealthy brands? ›

Some of my favorite fashion houses in the Quiet Luxury category include The Row, Loro Piana, Hermès, Brunello Cucinelli, MaxMara, and Loewe. Quiet Luxury tends to stay away from synthetic material and logo or monogram prints.

What brands are the old money? ›

Brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Hermès are renowned for their 'old money' clothing because of their elegant designs, emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, and their heritage.

Which clothing brand is famous in USA? ›

Leading American Clothing brands such as Nike, Levis, Adidas, Gap, etc., have to be up to date to satisfy the needs of their customers. For example, Levi's customers know that slim and straight-fit jeans will be popular this season.

What is the largest clothing brand in USA? ›

According to a survey run during the second quarter of 2022, Hanes is the most popular clothing brand in the United States, with over three quarters of respondents giving a positive opinion on the brand. Fruit of the Loom and Levi's made up the top three, both with scores over 70 percent.

What clothing brand is most searched? ›

The global fast fashion market grew from $91.2 billion last year to $99.2 billion this year, according to a report by The Business Research Company. It is expected to grow to $133.4 billion by 2026.
Here are the 10 most-searched-for fashion brands in the world:
  • Zalando.
  • Nike.
  • Adidas.
  • Macy's.
  • H&M.
  • Uniqlo.
  • Asos.
  • Dior.
Dec 11, 2022

Who is most likely to buy fast fashion? ›

Women under 35 are the largest target demographic for fast fashion retailers. 54% of people believe that social media influencers have been at least partly responsible for the rise in mass-produced clothing. This figure rises to 73% of people aged 18-24.

Is Zara fast fashion or luxury? ›

The company runs more than 2,220 shops and is operating in 88 countries. In fast fashion, Zara has continuously served as a leader focused on a highly sensitive supply chain. The customer is at the center of a dynamic business model that involves everything from the design, manufacturing, delivery, and sales.

What are the trends for 2022 2023? ›

Winter 2023 is going to be about comfort and oversized statement pieces. Street style trends from November and December 2022 point toward fur and fleece-lined jackets, oversized pants, and gender neutral silhouettes. Bags are small, bright, and often crossbody. Utilitarian cargo pants and vests are also trending.

What generation is 2023 called? ›

Meet the mini millennials: Generation Alpha, the generation of children born between 2011 and 2025. Like a mirror of their parents (matching mother-daughter outfits, anyone?), this generation is on track to become the largest generation in history.

What brands attract Gen Z? ›

To attract Gen Z, brands must highlight their commitment to societal challenges such as diversity, environmentalism, sustainability, climate change and world hunger. A brand's corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement must be something that the brand lives, rather than just espouses.

Does Gen Z like luxury brands? ›

Gen Z consumers are starting to buy luxury goods — everything from designer handbags and shoes, to watches, jewelry, apparel and beauty products — at age 15, three to five years earlier than millennials did, the report said.

What are the fashion color trends for spring 2023? ›

Pantone has a Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week palette for Spring 2023 and Classic Green is in it, along with Lovebird which is a bright yellow-green, almost fluorescent, which you will also see plenty of this year, but for most will be better as an accent color.

Are chunky sneakers still in 2023? ›

Chunky performance shoes are now firmly part of casual wear. So expect to see more Hoka One One, Asics, On, and Salomon shoes on feet in 2023 in and out of the gym.

Are sneakers still in style 2023? ›

Retro Resurgence

That sensibility is showing no signs of stopping in 2023. "Retro styles remain important within sneakers," says Becker. As we know, the black Adidas Sambas (opens in new tab) went viral in 2022, spotted on Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and Bella Hadid.

What color is replacing gray? ›

Warm neutral paint and upholstery colors are now taking favor over grays, with shades like tan, taupe, ivory and beige (even brown!)

What will be the color of 2024? ›

WGSN, a global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, a global authority on the future of color, have announced Apricot Crush as their Color of the Year for 2024.

What is the color for 2025? ›

Red Plum. Looking for Color Data?


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