8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (2023)

Effective communication is not just part of customer service but the most important part. The secret sauce to effective customer service communication lies in the ability to gauge your customer’s expectations and then to mirror and respond appropriately.

The cost of poor customer communication to businesses is estimated in billions. A recent estimate claims that the cost in the U.S. alone is close to $4 billion annually.

Fostering effective customer communication skills should be an integral part of the company values. Improving the way to communicate helps to promote your brand to future customers, build a strong relationship with existing customers, and address customer concerns.

What is customer communication management (CCM)?

Customer communication management (CCM) is defined as delivering consistent brand messaging and support across all channels by understanding customer pain points. It also focuses on strengthening customer relationships. Having a strong communication strategy in place helps businesses to acquire and retain customers.

8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (1)

Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses strive for CCM solutions to design and deliver critical business communications that are highly personalized as well as interactive.

Why effective customer service communication is important?

The effectiveness of communication is not defined by communication, but by the response – Milton Erickson.

Good communication skills are the most important traits for improving the bottom line of every business. Whether it is internal or external communication management, you should be able to communicate flawlessly to make it effective.

If you communicate well with customers, your odds of success in business greatly increases by following ways:

Faster customer support

Effective communication with customers helps to learn the client’s problem accurately and enables you to deliver faster support.

Reduce the number of touchpoints

Gaining a better knowledge of the customer problems helps in delivering faster solutions in the first go itself, which reduces the number of touchpoints.

Level up conversions

Assisting customers with the right answers in real time helps to close the sales faster and increase sales conversions.

Boost customer loyalty

Having personalized conversations with customers with the help of visual engagement tools builds trust and cultivates loyalty with your customers.

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How to improve customer service communication: Tips & Best Practices

Customer communication methods vary from business to business. It is important to learn the right way to connect with customers so that it has a positive impact on business growth.

Here are 8 proven ways on how to improve customer service communication and why you must.

1. Use visual engagement tools for real time assistance

The customer service communication strategy of your business depends upon the support tools you implement to connect with your customers. Real time support with live assistance tools is advanced level support you can offer your customers.

With the help of live engagement tools, you can identify the error in the first touchpoint and offer the right solution, thus reducing the number of interactions. Live toolslikeco-browsing & video chat help to collaborate in real time and guide them directly through personalized conversations.

8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (2)

How to improve customer communication management with customer engagement?

  • Faster solutions – Using a video based call center helps to offer faster resolutions through face-to-face personalized conversations. It helps to identify the main cause of the error and deliver effective solutions at the first touchpoint.
  • Reduce touch points – Using visual tools for customer service communication help agents to identify the issue in the first go and improve the chances of first contact resolution by reducing touchpoints.
  • Technical assistance – You can collaborate with the customer’s browser in real time with co-browsing and guide to complete a complex application process. It allows to acquire first-hand details of the issue and reduces the number of touchpoints made by the customers.

2.Build omni channel customer communication strategy

Businesses that adopt anomnichannel customer service strategy retain an average of 89% of customers compared with 33% for those with weak omnichannel strategies. It is very important to connect with customers where they are and deliver consistent support across all channels.

8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (3)

Source: viseven

Having an omni channel platform helps you to redefine how you communicate with customers both online and offline channels. You can gain insights on your customer journey that can help to enhance communication across all touchpoints.

So, what is the starting point to design your omni channel communication strategy?

You have to focus on three core parameters to enhance customer experience:

  • Identify the communication channels preferred by your customers.
  • Create an effective customer engagement strategy across the identified channels.
  • Deliver a consistent experience throughout the customer journey.

Sephora builds an omni-channel experience that connects its shoppers’ online purchases to their in-store visits. It allowed customers to use in-store tablets to access their Beauty Bag account while shopping. Customerscan look up item details and virtually try on products using digital software.If they like a product, they can add it to a wish list and purchase the entire list using the app.

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3. Improve the first customer experience

If I ask you, when was the first time you really had a great experience as a customer, it probably wouldn’t take you long to come up with the story. How the lasting impression of the experience made you happy and satisfied.

On the contrary, what if the first experience makes you angry, upset, annoyed, frustrated. It might risk your business badly. United Airlines had a brand crisis, in which $1.4 billion in value was wiped out overnight when a passenger’s experience went viral on social media.

Thus, we can say the first positive experience not only results in making your customers satisfied but also accelerates revenue.

Here are some tips to enhance communication skills to build a strong first customer experience:

  • Reduce wait time:Longer queue time is a key reason why customers might leave your website. You can automate your customer support with chatbots to engage your customers 24×7.
  • Avoid scripted conversations:Overuse of canned responses can lead to a bad customer service experience. So, you need to balance to make conversations meaningful and impactful.
  • Real time support:You can implement both live chat and chatbot to deliver real time support to your customers, depending upon your business requirements.

4. Deploy chatbots for automated customer communication

62% of companies view customer experience delivered by a brand as a competitive differentiator. One of the best ways toprovide an exceptional experience, you can automate customer communication with chatbots.

Automating the ways how to communicate with customers improves the brand image, but the caveat is that it should not be over automated.So, the balance should be rightly made on how to communicate with common queries.

You can plan a chatbot strategy that balances the use of the bot as the first contact channel forFAQs and transfer complex conversations for human support.

Hipmunk’s “Hello chatbotis a good example that showcases the perfect use of digital technology for personalized customer engagement.

8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (4)

The Hello chatbot interacts with customers with a friendly tone that encourages users tobook flights and manage conversations with its high level of engagement. The bot is capable of answering vague questions as well, which delivers a great user experience.

Here is how to improve customer service communication with chatbots?

  • Always-on support:Chatbots offer faster support and engage customers 24×7 when your support team is not available.
  • Boost customer communication:Bots can engage customers by providing immediate answers that boost their satisfaction.
  • Assist in buying journey:AI bots assist customers across the journey and help them in buying decisions.
  • Better customer experience:When customers get real-time support & sales assistance over their preferred time, they deliver a better experience.

Chatbots could prove an incredibly valuable tool in your effort to boost customer communication. With REVE Chat, sign up to build your bot and add great value to your customer support.

5. Measure your customer communication metrics regularly

For a business measuring communications can be overwhelming and out of control. So, it becomes vital to develop a strategy to measure the conversations effectively.

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The key customer service communication metrics that are to be measured on a regular basis are First response time (FRT) to improve the response time across every interaction, Average resolution time(ART) to reduce the resolution time, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) metrics to understand whether your customers are satisfied or not.

How does measuring these metrics help to improve customer communication?

  • Assess your team performance – You can identify the gaps in the agents’ performance that need to be improved. You can conduct additional training sessions to increase productivity.
  • Improve communication skills – Measuring communication metrics helps you to know how to work on improving the linguistic skills of your team.
  • Better customer interactions– Regularly monitoring helps you to know the common issues and proactively communicate with customers.

6. Collect customer feedback to improve communication skills

Customer feedback is vital to measure the success of customer service communication. As per Microsoft, “52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on feedback provided by their customers”.

Here is how customer feedback plays an important role in the growth of every business:

  • Feedbacks from customers helps you to know what customers feel about your brand.
  • Identify the gaps between the customers and business and end up with a product that is sheer perfection.
  • It opens up a conversation with customers and develops a long-lasting relationship.
  • Customers feel appreciated for their opinion regarding the product.
  • Learn the drawbacks and improve the effectiveness of your products and services.

If you want to measure how effective your customer communication strategy has been, you have to ask for customer feedback regularly and implement it.

How can you improve communication skills by acquiring customer feedback?

Collecting customer feedback shows you value their opinions – By asking your customers for feedback you communicate that their opinion is important to you. You involve them in shaping your business so they feel more attached to your company.

Listening to customer’s opinions helps you create stronger relations with them. It is the best way to gain valuable brand advocates and share positive word-of-mouth for you.

Customer feedback helps you create the best customer experience – The concept of customer servicemarketing is entirely based on the experiences people have with products, services, and brands. If you focus on providing the best customer experience at every touchpoint customers will stay loyal to your brand.

And naturally, the most effective way to give them an amazing experience is by asking them what they like about your service and what should be improved.

7. Monitor social media conversations

Customers use social media to reach out to brands. It is one of the most preferred go-to channels. 80% of consumersuse social media toengage with brands.

8 Effective Strategies for Customer Service Communication (5)

Source: jeffbullas.com

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In order to improve customer communication effectively over social media, you need to:

  • Understand your customers’ preferred social channels and be actively engaged with them.
  • You need to deliver similar support across those channels to create a consistent social service experience.
  • Use social media for announcing product releases, company news, content updates, events, etc.

Engaging in conversations on social media is important for businesses because it can provide valuable feedback, build your brand reputation, develop customer trust and acquire potential customers through referral marketing.

8. Know what your customers want

One of the important ways to help your customers is ‘self-help”. Predicting issues or queries that your customers might face in the future and preparing solutions or support documents will definitely help them.

It is an essential component to be followed to improve customer communication and reduce customer service errorsand also confusion over your product or service. You can create support documents such as:

  • Knowledgebase
  • FAQs
  • Video tutorials
  • How to guides

Knowing what your customers want and keeping things ready will help them positively. It also helps to reduce repetitive interactions by the customer and improves customer communication skills. You can also create fresh and healthy content at a steady pace on your social networks, blog, and website as well.

5 Customer communication skills to be followed

Customers generally switch brands because they are put off by untrained or rude support professionals. According to the Mckinsey report,70%of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated.

Here are some of the customer service etiquettetipsand best practices for improving communication skills:

Active listening

Active listening involves complete focus and full concentration to understand what the customer says without interrupting or asking questions in between. Listening helps to figure out what exactly your customers want, their opinions, feedback, etc.

Personal touch

You can manage communication with customers by adding a personal touch. You can be friendlier by addressing your customers with their first name, asking how they are doing, etc. to make communication closer.

Use positive words

While communicating with customers, make sure to use positive words in your conversation. Using words and phrases like definitely, certainly, absolutely, why not – sounds good, sounds personal and positive.

Be empathetic

Customers need to know that you are understanding them. You need to put yourself in their shoes and understand their situation and communicate accordingly with them.

Avoid jargons

You should not use complex terms that are difficult to understand and often can confuse customers. Try using simple and easy terms to make your communication effective with your customers.

Effective customer service communication strategy is crucial

In the age of digital communication, when you may not be able to meet your customers face to face, it becomes more critical to have an effective customer service communication strategy in place. It would help your business to grow and thrive without having any negative impact on the customer service experience.

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REVE Chat understands the value of offering a great customer service experience and thus brings a whole range of tools to complement your effort. Sign up to get top-quality customer service software and increase value for your customers.

By following the tips and best practices of using the visual tools and strategies, you can expand your customer base. Eventually, you will witness growth in the overall business by increased conversions and the number of loyal customers.


What are the 8 ways to communicate strategy more effectively? ›

As your team are your most valuable asset, I suggest you invest quality time communicating face to face regularly and in a regular way.
Chief Operating Officer |…
  • Keep your message simple but deep in meaning. ...
  • Customer insights. ...
  • Use a framework. ...
  • Where to focus your message. ...
  • Be real. ...
  • Tell a story.
29 Jan 2019

What are the communication strategies for customer service? ›

7 Rules for Effective Customer Service Communication
  • Personalize the interaction. ...
  • Avoid negative phrases. ...
  • Use positive language with a touch of empathy. ...
  • Listen closely and avoid interrupting the customer. ...
  • Use consistent brand vocabulary. ...
  • Give thorough answers to technical questions. ...
  • Make communication clear and concise.

What are the 10 strategies of effective communication? ›

These 10 tips can help you learn to communicate more effectively.
  • Find your voice. ...
  • Avoid filler words. ...
  • Consider your body language. ...
  • Use "I" statements. ...
  • Practice active listening. ...
  • Pay attention to facial expressions. ...
  • Provide visual context. ...
  • Learn to say "no"
7 Jan 2022

What are 5 effective communication strategies? ›

Strategies for effective verbal communication
  • Focus on the issue, not the person. ...
  • Be genuine rather than manipulative. ...
  • Empathize rather than remain detached. ...
  • Be flexible towards others. ...
  • Value yourself and your own experiences. ...
  • Use affirming responses.

What are effective strategies that can improve communication? ›

There are specific things to do that can improve your communication skills:
  • Listen, listen, and listen. ...
  • Who you are talking to matters. ...
  • Body language matters. ...
  • Check your message before you hit send. ...
  • Be brief, yet specific. ...
  • Write things down. ...
  • Sometimes it's better to pick up the phone. ...
  • Think before you speak.

What is the most effective communication strategy? ›

Focus on what the other person is saying

Paying attention is the key to effective communication. When another person is speaking, give them all of your attention and acknowledge that you are hearing their message.

What are the 7 types of communication strategies? ›

Here are seven communication strategies that any business or firm can use.
  • Understand the Full Spectrum of Communication Skills. ...
  • Talk in Person. ...
  • Encourage Participation in Speaking-Focused Organizations. ...
  • Focus on Listening. ...
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions. ...
  • Pay Attention to Body Language and Tone of Voice.
28 Mar 2017

What are effective customer service strategies? ›

One of the most effective customer service strategy examples is to provide customers with interaction that speaks to them as individuals. Using their name is the most obvious of the most common customer service tactics, but it's equally important to remember specifics about their individual needs and preferences.

Why is effective communication important in customer service? ›

In a customer service setting, it is important to have good communication skills to show customers you understand what they actually mean. Speaking clearly and effectively is important for customers to walk away without questions and to leave no room for error in communication.

What are the 12 ways to improve communication at work? ›

12 Ways You Can Improve Your Communication Skills
  1. Listen well and avoid interrupting. ...
  2. Practice paraphrasing. ...
  3. Be Mindful of minor details in the content. ...
  4. Note the quality of your voice, tone and pitch. ...
  5. Always use accurate words to express context. ...
  6. Practice completeness and clarity in message delivery.
10 Jan 2017

What are 7 ways to improve communication skills unique tips? ›

7 Tips to Improve Verbal Communication Skills
  1. Think before you speak. ...
  2. Be clear and concise. ...
  3. Speak with confidence. ...
  4. Vary your vocal tone. ...
  5. Be an active listener. ...
  6. Be aware of non-verbal communication cues. ...
  7. Think about the perspective of your audience.
10 Mar 2020

What are the two most effective strategies of communication? ›

Some effective communication strategies include:
  • Encouraging 1-1 conversations.
  • Using the right tools for your organization.
  • Being consistent in your communication.
  • Have face to face meetings.
  • Encourage open, two way conversations.
21 Feb 2022

What are the example of communication strategies? ›

Verbal communication strategies can be broken down into the two categories of written and oral communication. Written strategies consist of avenues such as e-mail, text, and chat. Examples that fall into the oral category are phone calls, video chats, and face-to-face conversation.

What are the 8 types of communication? ›

We identify 8 common types as:
  • Leadership and top-down comms (vertical communications)
  • Change communication.
  • Crisis communication.
  • Information comms.
  • Bottom-up or two-way communication.
  • Peer communication (horizontal communications)
  • Culture comms.
  • Campaign comms.
12 Jul 2019

What are the 8 types of communication process? ›

The communication process involves understanding, sharing, and meaning, and it consists of eight essential elements: source, message, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, context, and interference.

What are the 8 channels of communication? ›

The 8 Most Important Channels for Employee Communication
  • Employee App. A mobile employee app is a powerful tool. ...
  • Staff Meetings. ...
  • Email. ...
  • Employee Magazine. ...
  • Written Letters. ...
  • Information Cascade. ...
  • Terminal Displays. ...
  • Bulletin Boards.

What are the 7 effective methods to identify and meet customer needs? ›

Let us discuss the best practices of how to meet customer needs and build stronger relationships.
  • Deliver quality customer support. ...
  • Map your customer journey. ...
  • Measure customer satisfaction regularly. ...
  • Be consistent in customer communication. ...
  • Develop a customer centric culture. ...
  • Enhance the USP of your product.
11 Feb 2022

What are the top 10 customer service strategies that stand the test of time? ›

  • Recruit and Train the Right People. ...
  • Happy Staff = Happy Customers. ...
  • Recognize the Importance of Customer Loyalty. ...
  • Lead From the Top. ...
  • Listen to What Your Customers and Staff Are Saying to You. ...
  • Welcome Complaints. ...
  • Look at Your Processes From a Customer and Staff Point of View. ...
  • Use Tools With Caution.
20 May 2020

How can you improve customer communication? ›

7 best practices to improve your customer communication strategy
  1. Invest in omnichannel communication. ...
  2. Collect feedback regularly. ...
  3. Personalize your customer communications. ...
  4. Refine your internal communications. ...
  5. Promote proactive communication. ...
  6. Provide self-service options. ...
  7. Measure the right metrics.
1 Jun 2022

What is the purpose of effective communication? ›

The purpose of effective communication is to get your specific audience to the desired goal. The goal could be informing them or allowing them to understand a message, but also to persuade or convince them to take action.

What are the benefits of effective communication? ›

Making roles, responsibilities, and relationships clear gives everyone the information they need to do their jobs and to understand their contributions to the organisation. Effective communication reduces the cost associated with conflicts, misunderstandings, and mistakes.

What is a good example of effective communication? ›

Speak clearly, maintain an even tone, and make eye contact. Keep your body language relaxed and open. Wrap up with a summary and then stop. Summarize your response and then stop talking, even if it leaves a silence in the room.

What are the 4 key tips to effective communication? ›

Here are a few tips for developing your communication skills:
  • Practice active listening. Effective communicators are always good listeners. ...
  • Focus on nonverbal communication. ...
  • Manage your own emotions. ...
  • Ask for feedback. ...
  • Practice public speaking. ...
  • Develop a filter.
7 Jun 2021

What are the 10 important elements of communication? ›

1) Sender; 2) Objective; 3) Message; 4) Dispatching; 5) Time-Place Factor; 6) Medium; 7) Reception; 8) Receiver; 9) Understanding; and 10) Response.

What are the 11 principles of communication? ›

The 11 principles
  • All communication has a Purpose, Audience, Context.
  • Be Enthusiastic.
  • Communication is something the audience does.
  • Stories go where facts cannot.
  • Don't waste the audiences time – know your content.
  • Practice is preparation.
  • People remember how you make them feel.
  • Non-verbal is a superpower.
5 May 2020

What are the 8 important elements of communication? ›

Key Takeaway

The communication process involves understanding, sharing, and meaning, and it consists of eight essential elements: source, message, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, context, and interference.

What are 5 effective ways of communication? ›

5 Tips for Effective Communication
  • Be Present. This one sounds so simple and it is. ...
  • Really Listen. So often when we are in conversation with someone, our minds move easily to other places. ...
  • Seek to Understand. ...
  • Use Active/Reflective Listening. ...
  • Practice Silence. ...
  • About the Author.
19 Dec 2019

How do you communicate effectively with customer service? ›

7 Rules for Effective Customer Service Communication
  1. Personalize the interaction. ...
  2. Avoid negative phrases. ...
  3. Use positive language with a touch of empathy. ...
  4. Listen closely and avoid interrupting the customer. ...
  5. Use consistent brand vocabulary. ...
  6. Give thorough answers to technical questions. ...
  7. Make communication clear and concise.

What are the 9 Elements of effective communication? ›

It is important to remember and use the following nine C's when communicating with your team:
  • Congruency. Make sure your words, tone of voice and body language all convey the same message. ...
  • Concise. ...
  • Clarity. ...
  • Consistency. ...
  • Consider Your Audience. ...
  • Content. ...
  • Check for Understanding. ...
  • Choose the Right Medium for the Message.
1 Nov 2019

What are the 8 functions of communication? ›

What are Communicative Functions?
  • Requesting for items/activities. This form of the communication is designed to get a desired item or action. ...
  • Refusing or rejecting items/activities. ...
  • Requesting attention. ...
  • Labeling and Describing. ...
  • Commenting. ...
  • Asking and Answering Questions. ...
  • Expressing Feelings. ...
  • Engaging in Social Routines.
25 Nov 2019

What are the 8 stages of communication cycle with definition? ›

Note that the communication process involves eight basic elements- source (sender), encoding, message, transmission channel, receiver, decoding, noise, and feedback. Managers can improve communication skills by becoming aware of these elements and how they contribute to successful communication.

What are the most important elements of effective communication? ›

Clarity and Concision: Being direct and straight to the point often makes it easier for others to understand the message or directions you or someone is trying to convey. Rambling increases the chances of individuals zoning out and not understanding what you are trying to say.

What is effective communication very short answer? ›

Effective communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and data so that the message is received and understood with clarity and purpose. When we communicate effectively, both the sender and receiver feel satisfied.

What are the 4 effective communication skills? ›

If you want to make an impact and build your presence in a professional setting, developing four basic communication skills is key. These basic communication skills are speaking, writing, listening and reading. The way you communicate with others and present your ideas makes a lasting impression on people.


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