NIELIT CCC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022: Download PDF Document! (2023)

The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology has released the NIELIT CCC exam Syllabus 2022 and Exam Pattern on the official website. The candidates should be well versed with the NIELIT CCC exam Syllabus 2022 and Exam Pattern along with the marking scheme of the exam. The NIELIT CCC exam is scheduled to be conducted in the first week of March 2022. Along with that, the candidates should also check the NIELIT CCC exam pattern 2022 beforehand in order to enhance their preparation.

  • As per the NIELIT CCC Exam pattern, the exam comprises 100 objective-type questions for 100 marks. There shall be no negative marking in the exam.
  • Candidates who will score the cut off marks will be featured in the NIELIT CCC result list and will be awarded a CCC certificate.
  • The NIELIT CCC Course Exam Questions Syllabus 2022 helps to limit the study to a definite boundary and helps the candidate to acquire what is required for the examination.

Read ahead to learn more about what is included in the NIELIT CCC exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Also get the list of important books, preparation tips mentioned in this article.

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Download the NIELIT CCC Syllabus as PDF Here!

NIELIT CCC Syllabus 2022

Candidates who will be appearing for the exam should have the idea of a detailed NIELIT CCC course exam syllabus 2022 beforehand. This will help them to determine the topics important for the exam. This course is designed to equip a candidate to use computers for professional as well as day to day use. The duration of the course is 80 hours (Theory: 32 hrs + Practical: 48 hrs). The syllabus and the learning outcomes of the NIELIT CCC Course are given below:


NIELIT CCC Syllabus 2022

Learning Outcomes


Introduction to Computers, Hardware and Software, Programming Languages

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will be able to identify computers, IT gadgets and explain their evolution and applications. Get familiar with various input, output, and hardware components of a computer along with storage devices. Get familiar with various types of software, utilities used for computer and mobile apps.

Operating Systems

After learning this chapter, the candidate will be Well acquainted with the Operating System and its applications for both desktop and mobile devices. able to identify various desktop screen components and modify various properties, dates, times, etc. able to add and remove new programs and features, manage files and folders. Well-versed with printing and know various types of file extensions.

Word Processing

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will have In-depth Knowledge of Word Processing, their usage, details of the word-processing screen. Opening, saving, and printing a document including pdf files. Document creation, formatting of text, paragraph, and whole document. Inserting Header and Footer on the document Finding text on a word document and correcting spellings. Able to insert and manipulate tables, enhance tables using borders and shading features. Can prepare copies of document labels etc for sending various recipients using Mail Merge


After completion of this chapter, the candidates will have good hands-on practice on Basic Knowledge of Spreadsheet Processing, their usage, details of Spreadsheet screen. Opening, saving, and printing Spreadsheet. Spreadsheet creation, inserting and editing data in cells, sorting and filtering of data. Inserting and deleting rows /columns. Applying basic formulas and functions. Prepare a chart to represent the information in a pictorial form


After completion of In this chapter, the candidate will have good hands-on practice on Basic Knowledge of PowerPoint presentations. Opening/saving a presentation and printing of slides and handouts. Manipulate slides to enhance the look of the slides as well as the whole presentation by inserting a picture, objects, multimedia formatting, etc. Running a slide show with various transitions.

Introduction to

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will be able to: Gather knowledge of various types of networks and topologies. Get an overview of the Internet, its applications, and various browsers available to access the internet. Connect to the Internet using various modes of connections/devices available. Get knowledge of device identification on the local networks as well as on the Internet for both Desktop and Mobile Devices. Can search Information on the Internet on various topics. Download and print web pages

E-mail, Social Networking, and E-Governance Services

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will be able to: Create an email account, compose an email, reply an email and send the email along with attachments. Get familiar with Social Networking, Instant Messaging, and Blogs. Get familiar with eGovernance Services, eCommerce, and Mobile Apps.

Digital Financial Tools and Applications

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will be able to: Know the Digital Financial Tools. Get Knowledge of Internet Banking Modes. Get familiar with eGovernance Services, eCommerce, and Mobile Apps. Use the Digital Locker and will be able to store documents in Digital Locker.

Overview of Future Skills and Cyber Security

After completion of this chapter, the candidate will be familiar with the: Latest trends and technologies in upcoming fields in IECT. They will be able to understand the need for Cyber Security and will be able to secure their PC and Mobile devices by using basic security features

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Check NIELIT CCC Admit Card 2022 Updates here!

NIELIT CCC Exam Pattern 2022

The candidates who wish to appear and qualify for the exam should go through the entire Exam Pattern well in advance. Knowing the NIELIT CCC Course Exam Pattern gives them an insight into the paper structure and chalk out their preparation strategy. Check the detailed exam pattern and marking scheme below and prepare for the exam:

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  • The examination comprises Objective Type questions, which include multiple-choice and True/False Type questions.
  • The exam will be conducted for 100 marks.
  • A total number of 100 questions shall be asked.
  • There are 02 sections with each section comprising 50 questions of 01 mark each.
  • The exam duration is 90 minutes.
  • There is no provision for negative marking.
  • The examination does not require using any paper, pen, pencil, or calculator.

Check NIELIT CCC Answer Key PDF here!

NIELIT CCC 2022 Preparation Strategy

Candidates preparing for the NIELIT CCC exam should start their preparations at the earliest. Mentioned below are the important preparation strategies to ace the NIELIT CCC Course exam in one attempt.


  • The first step you should follow before starting the preparation for any exam is to go through the NIELIT CCC Syllabus and complete it on time and allocate the rest of the time to the revision sessions.
  • Candidates should read the books to build their basics strong. Having clear concepts will help you in obtaining good marks on the simple question.
  • Attempt mock tests as many as possible to improve the level of your preparation. Candidates can also enroll in the to practice unlimited questions.
  • Solving previous year's questions papers is one of the best sources of preparation as it may improve your chances of clearing the NIELIT CCC Cut Off marks in the exam.
  • Revise all the chapters regularly for the retention of the important information that you have studied so far.

NIELIT CCC Books for Preparation

There are plenty of NIELIT CCC Books available in local stores and digital platforms. Candidates should be wise enough to choose the right ones for the preparation. These books will help them to cover all the topics with ease and clear the basic concepts of all the topics important for the exam. Here is the list of best NIELIT CCC Course Books suggested for the candidates to ace the exam.

Subject Name




Ccc (Course on Computer Concepts) Study Guide - Based on NIELIT (DOEACC) Latest Syllabus


CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) Study Guide


Ccc (Course On Computer Concepts) Practice Sets And Short Notes Bilingual Book For 2020

LAgrawal Examcart

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