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SAP Controlling Training - Overview

At Skillstek, SAP CO Training covers complete architecture of management accounting and includes the full configuration process of SAP CO in the SAP application, which replicate with the real implementation of an organization.

It is a 40 hours of full-fledged training that covers step by step implementation and configuration of the module using systematical process. The training includes a lot of scenarios and case studies that helps in better understanding of the actual practical aspects of the subject.

The training accompanies mock projects and mock tests for hands on practice. This helps you to practically implement whatever you learn parallel with the training.

Training is provided with E-study material for basic and conceptual knowledge an offline studies and practice.

You would get Video access of all the classes which you attend (or miss in case) for the whole training sessions.

We conduct training on hi-class professional training software with lot of features, in order to make trainee-trainer interaction the most convenient and comfortable. Please note, we don’t use free versions of the software.

Course Objective

  • Manage integration with Financial Accounting
  • Manage and configure Master Data about Cost center, Profit center, cost elements, internal order etc.
  • Implement and configure SAP Controlling in SAP S/4HANA Finance project
  • Determine variances between estimated and actual data
  • Deep understanding of business’s cost flow and management
  • Troubleshooting in Management Accounting Part of S/4HANA

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Upcoming Batch

17th April 2022 - Weekends

10 AM Batch (IST)

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Training Details

  • Training Days: Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Training Hours: 40 Hours (8 Weekends)
  • Trainer: Pradeep Hota
  • Mode of Training: Online Sessions
  • Pre-requisite: Fundamental knowledge of IT/Finance
  • Audience Type: See Section- Target Audience
  • Training Sessions: In Batch (A group of attendees)

Key Highlights of SAP CO Training

  • Planned Costing

  • Product Cost by Order

  • WIP Calculation

  • Material Ledger

  • Transfer Price Calculation

  • Account Based COPA

  • ComparisonAccount Based COPA with Costing Based COPA

  • Profit Center Accounting

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SAP Controlling - Introduction

SAP Controlling represents the Management Accounting part of an organization. It keeps & records all the data regarding product consumption and services delivered by the organization.

It is the support system to the Organization’s Management in its decision making. Be it in terms of planning, monitoring, or reporting of the business processes.

It assists in the coordination, monitoring, and optimization of the business processes of the organization.

SAP ERP Controlling helps improve management across the financials spectrum by Planning and analyzing costs to deliver reports the influence decision making.

Why Learn SAP CO?

Being an SAP Finance/CO consultant, you need to do various cost calculations at the core level. This includes product cost calculation, profitability analysis, handling of material ledgers and inventory. It is also the duty of the SAP CO consultant to take proper measures for Cost control and keep track of its data.

Secondly, In S4 HANA Controlling (Management Accounting), Material Ledger is the core part of Finance. So it is highly required good command on Controlling for every Finance to be part of the S4 HANA Implementation Project.

Not to forget, Controlling (Management Accounting) is an integral part of every implementation as it helps organizations to Control Costs, Calculate the Cost of Products, Analysis of Profitability and Inventory Valuation and Analysis through Material ledger.

SAP Controlling Training on an advanced level is majorly required for already SAP CO consultants, SAP S/4HANA Finance consultants or SAP FICO Consultants.

How is the growing demand for SAP CO Consultants?

A good number of companies are into SAP today. CO or Controlling is an integral part of the SAP Functional module.

Earlier Cost management was really difficult in a non-ERP structure. But with the evolvement of SAP ERP software, has given industries a great solution to get all their cost data in line.

However, to handle all these things, they need competing resources, who can efficiently handle all these techniques work. Not just by knowing the financial accounting part, they can manage everything. So CO consultant support is also required.

Since both financial accounting and management accounting (FI and CO) are inter-related, companies used to prefer those consultants for hiring who are compatible in both accounting methods.

Hence, there is good demand for such efficient consultants.

You already have knowledge of SAP Finance and the basics of CO also. But for doing core work, you have to master all costing skills to handle SAP controlling.


SAP CO Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisites

Target Audience


SAP FI deals with External reporting, such as Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Receivable, Payable, Asset and Bank etc.

Whereas Controlling (Management Accounting) deals with Internal reporting, such as Profitability Management ( COPA ), Profit Center Accounting, Product Costing, Material ledger for inventory valuation etc

SAP Controlling is related to Cost Control and Management of the organization. While FI works upon the Financial Management aspect. Both are interrelated as both deal with the Functional part of the business.

SAPControlling consultant responsible for the below:

  • CO integration with MM ( Material Management), SD ( Sales Distribution), PP
  • Calculation of Cost of Product
  • Profitability Analysis as part of the implementation project
  • Cost and revenue variance analysis

A person starting as SAP FICO or SAP S4 HANA Finance consultant can become an SAP CO expert consultant. Here is a career profile path:-Associate Consultant => Consultant => SME (Subject Matter Expert) => Team lead => Project Manager

It is an online SAP CO training. You will be attending batch sessions with other participants. The training is conducted on premium training software which gives you many interactive tools that helps you to communicate during class in a much better way.

It is nothing less, in fact, more than any classroom session. It saves your time, money and efforts of travelling and gives the comfort of being at your own place.

If you are an SAP consultant of FICO, S/4HANA Finance, CO or any related subject, then it is really a good choice to learn SAP CO at an advanced level. Seeing the growing demand for Controlling experts, it is actually good for you to learn SAP Controlling and upgrade yourself for future opportiunities.

SAP S/4HANA Finance training covers migration from ECC to S4 HANA. It is best suitable for working consultants having good knowledge of Finance, Controlling, Cash Management and FSCM. Here the delta changes will be covered. Whereas, CO training is designed for anyone who is completely new to controlling and understand all the concept related to management accounting from scratch to an advanced level. So it will cover end to end implementation process related to the Controlling part.

Along with this training, you will also get complimentary services such as Configuration Material, end-user material, Mock tests, E-study Material, Interview guidance, etc.

With Controlling Training, you can independently handle CO projects and work on Product Costing, ML & COPA.

We guide and help you prepare for interviews. So it is job assistance. However, we do not provide any guarantee of a job. It majorly depends on your hard work, dedication, practice and your background that when and what type of profile you get after this training.

Disclaimer: Skillstek is Not an SAP Partner

Skillstek is not an authorised SAP Partner. Any course, training or any other service provided at Skillstek or by Pradeep Hota are not associated, affiliated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with SAP organization. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in many other countries. Skillstek and Pradeep Hota both are NOT associated with SAP organization. We do not conduct any SAP Certification training programs.

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