The UK’s Best Obstacle Course Races And Mud Runs (2023)

While we love a running event or cycling sportive as much as anyone, obstacle course races offer something different. Though you can go all-in with training plans and target times in OCRs (and we can help you if you do), they are just as much about having fun with friends and completing the course, overcoming the strange and usually muddy obstacles along the way.

We say usually muddy because it’s worth highlighting the fact that not all OCRs are mud baths full of electric shocks and barbed wire, so if that kind of action is not your cup of tea rest assured there are options for you.

You’ll find those options below, along with a whole load of OCRs where you can fully expect to get muddy and/or zapped along the way, because there is undoubtedly a lot of fun in overcoming those challenges too.

The UK’s Best Obstacle Course And Mud Races Of 2022

Best For Teamwork: Tough Mudder

The biggest mud run in the UK. Standard Tough Mudder events ditch timing chips and favour teamwork instead: some obstacles are impossible to successfully tackle unaided, so participants can expect to help each other through mud pits and over walls. Events typically involve 10 or 15km of hilly racing, with chunks of deliberate unpleasantness like the Arctic Enema (a plunge into icy water) and electric shocks alongside the more traditional physically challenging stuff. You can also opt for an Infinity challenge at some of the 11 events in England and Scotland in 2022, which involves completing as many loops of the 15km or 5K courses as you can in a set time.

Shorter one-mile (1.6km) and 5K courses are also available, while those who fancy something longer can tackle the 24-hour Europe’s Toughest Mudder event, where you complete a five-mile (8km) loop as many times as possible.

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  • Prepare your body for the rigours of the event with our Tough Mudder training plan.

Best For A Test Of Mettle: Spartan

The UK’s Best Obstacle Course Races And Mud Runs (1)

(Video) Mud Runs & Obstacle Races - The UK's Best Fun Run - More obstacles less running!

This is a fixture of the mud run racing calendar for a reason. The Spartan’s sprint, super, beast and ultra options offer everything from an hour-long 5K jaunt to 50K of barbed wire crawling, tyre dragging and heavy thing carrying. Failure in obstacles means punitive burpees, so it’s a good idea to get your rope-climbing technique locked in.

For those who want to work as a team, the Hurricane Heat events at each Spartan weekend involve doing just that – you are assigned a team when you arrive and work together to complete obstacles, and no-one can finish alone. There are four Spartan OCR events in 2022, two close to London, one in Wales and one in the Midlands, as well as two Spartan trail-running events where you can run a 10K or 21km race without any obstacles at all bar those Mother Nature throws in your path.

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  • Fitness model and gym owner Shaun Stafford shares his Spartan Race tips.

Best For Off-Roading: Wolf Run

The UK’s Best Obstacle Course Races And Mud Runs (2)

If you prefer your obstacles to be a little more natural – think muddy woods and icy lakes – then sign up for a Wolf Run. It’s a more challenging endurance event than most others – there’s a fair bit of ankle-threatening terrain, as well as one of the few genuine swim sections in obstacle racing. The standard event is usually around 10km, and this year the organisers have also introduced a 5K option, plus 3km and 6km Junior races for seven- to 17-year-olds.

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  • Since Wolf Runs are a little different, it’s best to prepare differently. Here’s how to train for a Wolf Run and the gear you’ll need.

Best For A Fun Day Out: Inflatable 5K

While the focus is very much on fun at these OCRs, anyone seeking a challenge can find one, with 2.5km, 5K, 10K and 15km distance to choose between. The amount of huge inflatable obstacles you tackle rises from 17 to as many as 92 as you tack on more laps of the 2.5km course. There are also special survival events where along with the obstacles you have to avoid “chasers” in six (2.5km race) or 12 (5K race) special zones that attempt to remove the three tags from your tag belt – the aim is to have at least one tag still in place at the end of the course.

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Best For A Muddy Good Time: Total Warrior

Like Tough Mudder, Total Warrior is not strictly speaking a race, although in the Ultra Warrior event the person who completes the most 12km laps or half laps during a five-hour period will be crowned the winner. Otherwise, just go along for a good time with friends and muddy strangers who’ll help you over the obstacles that dot the 12km and 6km routes. There’s also a 3km Junior Warrior run if your kids fancy getting muddy too. The event takes place at Bramham Park in Leeds on the weekend of 9th to 11th July.

(Video) Tough Mudder 2021 (All Obstacles)

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Color Obstacle Run

This event takes its name from the coloured powder that you are showered with as you complete the 5K course, which also contains a variety of inflatable obstacles. The aim is to have fun rather than to speed through the course, with a party atmosphere fuelled by 20 music zones on the route. The UK Color Obstacle Run takes place on 7th May at Royal Windsor Racecourse.

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The UK’s Best Obstacle Course Races And Mud Runs (3)

Mud Run Training Sessions

Stop-start racing means bursts of speed beat steady-state cardio. Plan your PB accordingly, with advice from Dr Andrew Murray, ultra-runner, sports medicine consultant at the University of Edinburgh and Merrell ambassador

Speed Intervals

“Obstacle races are very stop-start, so when I trained for Tough Mudder I played an activity that mimicked that pace once a week – like five-a-side football or squash. If that’s not an option, do intervals that mimic the pace of your race: 400m repeats with relatively short rests will work. Or you could simply do a quick 5K with occasional bursts of speed.”

RECOMMENDED:Interval Sessions For Runners

Grip Workout

Even if all you’ve got is apull-up bar, you can still train to take on the obstacles. Do four rounds of the session below – or intersperse the moves withburpeesfor hand strength and conditioning

Knee tap

RepsAs many as possible

Hang from the bar with both arms, then let go with one hand and reach down to tap your knee before grabbing hold again. Repeat on the other side. You’ll build single-arm strength as well as the co-ordination to switch your grip quickly.

(Video) mud monsters run 2019

Tap swing

Time30 seconds

You’ll want a sturdy bar for this one, but it’s the best way to prepare for the monkey bars. Hang from the bar and bring your knees up, then extend your legs to start your body swinging. Repeat on each swing to increase the amplitude. If you’ve got the space, practise dismounting with a leap.

Lateral swing

Time30 seconds

Hang from the bar with both hands and then swing slightly from side to side, gathering momentum with your legs. The hand on the side you’re swinging towards become will seem to become lighter. As you get more experienced, take a hand off the bar at the top of the move.

Hill Sprints

“I did some hill reps once a week. This can help build speed and stamina, in addition to the physical and mental strength you need.” Find a 50-100m hill, run up it and walk back down. Repeat five times, and add a rep or two a week.

  • Once that workout gets dull, try these hill training sessions.

Power Workout

Explosiveness is useless unless it gets you over the obstacles. Add these moves to your regular routine to build sport-specific power

Use Sprints To Conquer The Quarter-Pipe

You’re unlikely to find one to practise on, so train on the flat. You’ll want to be as fast as possible over 50m to stand a chance of gripping the lip unaided. Do 6x50m repeats with a couple of minutes’ rest – and when it comes to the real thing, lean back just slightly to convert horizontal momentum into vertical.

Use The Step Vault To Beat Under-Overs

Getting over chest-high fences (and, occasionally, under nets) is easy enough, but adding efficiency will make it faster and less tiring. Practice on your gym’s plyo boxes. Approach at a jog, plant one hand on the top and take a quick step with the opposite foot as you sail over the box.

Use Cat Hang Pull-Ups To Help Get Over Walls

These build upper-body strength combined with the co-ordination needed to bring your legs into play. Hang from a wall with your knees raised. With your toes pressed to the brickwork, pull yourself up to the edge, then lower again. Once you’re confident, push up to straighten your arms at the top and climb onto the wall.

Long Runs

“It’s tempting to spend all your time on training for mud and obstacles, but don’t neglect the running element in your race – some of these races can be ofhalf marathondistance or even longer. The general principle is to do one longer run a week. Build it up gradually so that two or three weeks before the race, you can run the distance of the actual race. This is a must, as on race day having to go over obstacles and through mud will make it feel further, although to counter that you have the support of the others taking part.”

The UK’s Best Obstacle Course Races And Mud Runs (4)

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Functional Fitness Workout

Curlswon’t help on the course – you need a strength regime that mimics the demands of the real thing. Use this routine once a week

1 Rope pull-up


If you haven’t got a rope, sling a towel over a pull-up bar. If you have, work on technique as well as grip by practising the lock-off, where you grip the rope between your feet and slide them up to take the weight off your arms.

2 Loaded carry


Carrying heavy objects is a staple of races whether it’s a log, jerry can or fellow human. Hard pressed to find them in your gym? Improvise with a heavyfarmer’s walk– one dumbbell in each hand – or a Bulgarian bag across your shoulders, taken as far as possible.

3Inverted row


It’ll help with cargo net-based obstacles, but also build core strength for wall traverses. Set up underneath a waist-height Smith machine bar, or use a TRX, lying flat on your back. Pull your chest up to the kit, pause and lower under control.

4 Rope pull


The Spartan Race calls it the Hercules Hoist – hauling a heavy weight over a pulley with an arm-over-arm pull. Mimic it in the gym by borrowing a battle rope and looping one end around a sandbag, then pulling. Use your back, not just your biceps.


Which is better Tough Mudder or Spartan Race? ›

Participants also say that Tough Mudder obstacles tend to be more creative and fun, while the Spartan obstacles are more physically challenging. You're also allowed to skip obstacles during a Tough Mudder race, while doing so during a Spartan race will cost you 30 burpees.

Which is the best Tough Mudder? ›

Tough Mudder 15K (Formerly Classic)

When it comes to the world's best mud run, it's all about the Tough Mudder 15K. We're talking 15kms of best-in-class obstacles, thick mud, ice cold water and stinging electricity (yes these are the ones you've heard so much about).

What is the hardest obstacle course race? ›

The hardest obstacle course race is the Spartan Death Race. With over 50 miles of mentally and physically challenging obstacles over the course of 40+ hours, it doesn't get more difficult than the Spartan Death Race.

What is the easiest obstacle race? ›

The easiest obstacle course race is the 5k Foam Fest. This course is great for families and is filled with foam and inflatables. Some other easy obstacle course races are the Terrain Race and Epic series. These races are great for beginners or anyone wanting to try out an obstacle course race for the first time.

Should I do 5K or 10K Tough Mudder? ›

What Tough Mudder Distance Is Right For Me? | Tough Mudder 2022

How hard is a 5K Tough Mudder? ›

Tough Mudder 5K mixes 3.1 miles of running with 10 awesome obstacles to create a challenging, one-of-a-kind event. It's not a timed race. In fact, the average finish time is 1-1.5 hours. (That's about triple the time of a regular road 5K.

Does Tough Mudder electric shock hurt? ›

I've been electro-shocked in two Tough Mudders. First race, I got hit 3 times in the arms and shoulders. It hurt quite a lot, but I wouldn't have called it dangerous.

What is the Spartan Death race? ›

The Spartan Death Race, the world's toughest race with iterations in both the summer and winter each year, has seen just 10 percent of its racers complete its absolutely brutal itinerary in the past 10 years. This year, 52 ambitious people signed up for the Spartan Summer Death Race.

What should I wear to a mud run? ›

Compression shorts or pants will help wick away moisture, keep everything in place on race day, and keep mud to a minimum in sensitive body areas. Again, avoid cotton, even in your underwear. Your feet will probably be the first thing to get wet and muddy.

What is the longest obstacle course in the world? ›

4 (UPI) -- An adventure park in Scotland achieved a Guinness World Record with the installation of a 1,863.5-foot inflatable obstacle course that was determined to be the longest in the world.

How deep is the water in Tough Mudder UK? ›

This obstacle ups the ante as Mudders have to drag their muddy bodies up a pipe, and find themselves perched at the end of a 5' drop into the cold water below. Falling gracefully isn't really an option, so just hold your nose and take the plunge.

What is a gladiator race? ›

Thanks for a Great 2022! See you Next Year!

The Gladiator Dash is an action packed race designed to test your speed, strength and endurance through land, water and more than 20 obstacles. The Dash is held at the Sedgwick County Park. 100% of the proceeds from The Gladiator Dash go to local organizations.

How do I train for a 5K Tough Mudder? ›

Mental grit training- do 30 Burpees. CONDITIONING 4 Rounds of the following circuit: 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Squats 30 High Knees 20 Sit Ups 30 Tuck Jumps 20 Reverse Lunges 30 Mountain Climbers Rest 3:00 CONDITIONING 5 Rounds as fast as possible: 8x Box Jump or Step Up 8x Slam ball REST Get your event day bag ready to go.

How do you prepare for a mud run? ›

5 Ways to Prepare for a Mud Run
  1. Don't Take it Too Seriously. Your first mud run should be a fun experience, so don't stress about pushing yourself to your limits. ...
  2. Eat Light. Are there specific foods you should eat before your first mud run? ...
  3. Plan Your Clothing. ...
  4. Remember to Pack Water. ...
  5. Remember to Pack a Change of Clothes.
30 Oct 2021

What is a mud run? ›

A mud run is an obstacle race centered around mud themed hazards. They often include mud pits, mud crawls, mud slides, mud covered inflatables, balance beams and mud fights. A Mud run is a great fundraising activity for schools, churches and other non profits.

What is the average time for a Spartan Sprint? ›

The Spartan Sprint can be completed in less than an hour, but it might take more than three hours. For reference, running a 5K takes me 23 minutes on average. My most recent Spartan Sprint took more than two hours due to the mud and, of course, the obstacles.

Is there a harder race than an Ironman? ›

ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon, Italy

The bike course (195km - 15 more than a full Ironman) includes 5,000m of elevation gain, while the final run of the race lives up to the race name, with 42.2 km and 3,000m of vertical gain.

What's harder than an Ironman? ›

What's harder than an Ironman, ultramarathon, or marathon?
Difficulty RankingRace TypeExperienced At
1100 Miler Trail UltramarathonPinhoti 100
2Offroad Ironman Distance TriathlonWilderman Triathlon
3100k Trail UltramarathonBlack Canyon Ultras
466k (40 mile) Trail UltramarathonHounslow Classic
10 more rows
20 Feb 2022

Which is harder triathlon or Ironman? ›

It combines three sports which, when taken individually, are already among the most demanding: running, cycling and swimming. And, in the world of triathlon, the Ironman race reigns supreme, while Olympic Triathlon has shorter distances, making it more intense…

How long does 5K Tough Mudder take? ›

The average finish time for a Tough Mudder 5K is 1-2 hours; for Tough Mudder 10K it's 2.5-3 hours; for Tough Mudder 15K it's 3.5-4 hours. That said, Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder 10K, and Tough Mudder 15K aren't timed races, so you (or your team) can go at your own pace.

Can I do Tough Mudder alone? ›

If you are considering entering a Tough Mudder event but cannot convince any of your friends or family to join you, don't let this stop you from signing up! Many people have completed the challenge after initially entering alone.

Can you skip obstacles in Tough Mudder? ›

Every weekend and at every wave of Tough Mudder obstacle course events, I make it very clear that there are no penalties for skipping an obstacle. Tough Mudder is designed for you to reach deep into yourself, but absolutely never to a point where you are meant to feel ashamed or punished for not doing something.

How many calories does a 5K Tough Mudder burn? ›

But a reasonable estimate for the event itself is around 3000 calories (not to mention all the calories you'll burn in preparation for the big weekend). Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10-12 mile (18-20 km) workout/ test of both your physical and mental endurance.
4 more rows
15 Aug 2015

Can I run a 5K without training? ›

It's possible to run a 5K race without training very much or at all, but it really depends on your current fitness level. Some people are fit enough to easily run a 5K without training, while other people might be really suffering and find it difficult to complete the 3.1-mile distance.

How long does it take for a normal person to run a 5K? ›

Average time and pace

Everyday runners can aim to complete a mile in about 9 to 12 minutes. This means you'll finish a 5K in about 28 to 37 minutes.

Can you survive a 10 000 volt shock? ›

Dr. Michael S. Morse, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of San Diego, explains that while 10,000 volts can be life threatening in certain circumstances, it's possible for something to have 10,000 volts behind it and be relatively harmless.

What is the most voltage a human can take? ›

Limiting current flow in the human body to safe levels is entirely dependent on the resistance of the short-circuiting jumper. To achieve this safe current level the voltage across the human body must not exceed 100 volts.

How many volts is lethal? ›

Assuming a steady current flow (as opposed to a shock from a capacitor or from static electricity), shocks above 2,700 volts are often fatal, with those above 11,000 volts being usually fatal, though exceptional cases have been noted.

Do you sleep during the Spartan Death race? ›

For 72 hours, Gordon will complete a series of tasks, both mental and physical, without any sleep. These tasks will include a 14-hour ruck march, a 26.2-mile sandbag carry and 26.2 miles of burpees. Gordon is not exactly sure what to expect at the Spartan Death Race.

What is the longest someone ran without stopping? ›

Dean Karnazes completed the longest non-stop run by a human being in 2005. He ran 350 miles (560 km) non-stop. It took him 80 hours and 44 minutes.

How many calories do you burn during a Spartan Race? ›

Again, the fact that the obstacles weren't that taxing, limits the amount of energy you expend. So, to answer that question, it could be anywhere from 1000 calories to 2000.

Can I wear my Apple watch to a mud run? ›

At one point, my entire hand—watch and all—was submerged wrist-deep in a muddy puddle. The Versa didn't miss a heartbeat. The Apple Watch survived the mud run without so much as a scratch. Speaking of heartbeat: Both the Apple Watch and Versa come equipped with a wrist-based heart-rate monitor.

How do you train for a mud run obstacle course? ›

Add running to your routine, dropping for a set of three burpees at every half-mile. Gradually work up to 5-10 burpees, depending on your fitness level, alternated with running in place or traditional push-ups. Pull-ups will also help with climbing obstacles, so add a chin bar to your workout if possible.

Are mud runs safe? ›

Bacteria and Viruses in Mud Runs

coli. If ingested through the nose or mouth, these germs can cause intestinal infections and make you ill. Symptoms may begin within two to five days after exposure, and include: Diarrhea.

Do people walk the Tough Mudder? ›

Absolutely yes. You don't have to do the 10 miles, you can do the 5K. You can walk the whole way.

What do you get after a Tough Mudder? ›

When you finish your Tough Mudder event, you will receive the following: Finisher Headband. Finisher T-Shirt. Finisher Drink*

Are there showers at Tough Mudder UK? ›

Yes, there are showers to rinse off following your run, as well as changing areas to get into fresh clothes. Was this article helpful?

How long is gladiator? ›

Can you train for a Tough Mudder in a month? ›

There's no guesswork, just find 30 minutes a day, grab a set of dumbbells and get ready for a fun and challenging workout that will get you course ready in 30 days. You get to try the first workout for FREE and the entire program FREE for 30 days.

What is 10K Tough Mudder? ›

New Distance Same Challenge. Packed with 20 of our famous obstacles, Tough Mudder 10K (6+ miles) is the perfect mix of distance and challenge. With obstacles like Arctic Enema, Everest, Mudderhorn and Electroshock Therapy you're guaranteed to take your 10K run to the next level. See The Obstacles.

What kind of training is needed for Tough Mudder? ›

High-Intensity Interval Training

It doesn't matter which Tough Mudder course you find yourself on, whether it's 5k or 8-10 miles long the set up is pretty much the same. Obstacle, run, obstacle, run, obstacle (you get the gist) which results in a combination of explosive exercise and rest.

Are Spartan races worth it? ›

There is no real reason to run a Spartan Race. Unless you're an elite athlete, you're not going to win one of these. No two courses are the same, so a personal best doesn't necessarily mean you've improved. If you're trying to get healthy, lose weight, or challenge yourself there are safer alternatives.

How many people fail the Spartan race? ›

According to Spartan founder Joe De Sena, first-time racers fail certain Spartan obstacles about 90% of the time: the Spear Throw, the Rope Climb, the Tyrolean Traverse, and the Multi-Rig. The good news? With time and practice (and the desire to avoid burpees), the failure rate improves to about 50-50.

Does Spartan own Tough Mudder? ›

As part of the terms of the deal, Tough Mudder's U.S. business will operate as OCR U.S. Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spartan. The acquisition has global implications, as Tough Mudder licensed the brand's business across more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

How hard is the Tough Mudder? ›

Tough Mudder is probably the toughest event in the world. That's all thanks to the course that makes even the hardened soldier wince. Mudders will face an array of obstacles that will test them to their limits. Going in blind could be enough to bring you to tears.

How many burpees if you fail a Spartan obstacle? ›

For Sprint, Super, Beast, and Ultra events, the burpee penalty is 30 burpees after missing/skipping an obstacle. For Stadion races, the burpee penalty is 15 after missing/skipping an obstacle.

What happens if you can't finish a Spartan race? ›

For example, the Spartan burpee is all about efficiency because, during a race, burpees are the penalty for failing to complete an obstacle. (The failed-obstacle penalty during a Sprint, Super, Beast, or Ultra is 30 burpees, while the penalty for failed obstacles during a Stadion stands at 15.)

How hard is a Spartan 10K? ›

The Super is the most demanding and fun 10K you'll complete, anywhere. Super obstacles are more difficult compared to shorter Spartan events, and with a distance of 10K (6.2 miles), you'll need a pace strategy. There are Super-specific obstacles to tackle, and elevation gain will often be more demanding.

How heavy is the bucket carry in a Spartan race? ›

Out on the course there are a few common mistakes I see with the bucket carry. The first is not filling the bucket all the way. This usually tells me that a person did not train properly for the weight of the bucket (approximately 60-to-75 pounds) or they just are not mentally committed to the obstacle.

How do I survive a Spartan race? ›

What You Need to Know About Running a Spartan Beast
  1. You NEED to Have a Tried and True Nutrition Plan. ...
  2. Don't Underestimate … ...
  3. Plan Your Outfit Strategically. ...
  4. Make Friends and Help Each Other. ...
  5. This Race Is 99.9% Mental, So Own It.
8 Oct 2021

What should I eat the morning of a Spartan race? ›

Try to eat a breakfast with carbs and some protein two to three hours before your race start, Perry says. Some examples of a good pre-race meal include oatmeal with lowfat milk, walnuts, and fresh fruit; a whole grain bagel with almond or peanut butter and a banana; and toast with Greek yogurt and almonds.

Does Tough Mudder electric shock hurt? ›

I've been electro-shocked in two Tough Mudders. First race, I got hit 3 times in the arms and shoulders. It hurt quite a lot, but I wouldn't have called it dangerous.

Who owns Tough Mudder UK? ›

About Spartan

With more than 250 events across more than 40 countries on six continents, Spartan is the world's largest obstacle course race (OCR) and endurance brand.

How long does 15K Tough Mudder take? ›

How Long Will it Take? The average finish time for a Tough Mudder 5K is 1-2 hours; for Tough Mudder 10K it's 2.5-3 hours; for Tough Mudder 15K it's 3.5-4 hours. That said, Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder 10K, and Tough Mudder 15K aren't timed races, so you (or your team) can go at your own pace.

Can normal people do Tough Mudder? ›

People often discover that Tough Mudder is more mental than anything else and many people surprise themselves with how well they do! The simple truth is anyone can do it. Unlike a marathon, for which months of training are essential, an obstacle race requires little athletic prowess.

Can the average person do a Tough Mudder? ›

Of course, it's good to challenge yourself, but safety comes first. If you think you'll hurt yourself on an obstacle, just skip it. Beginners can certainly complete a Tough Mudder with the right training plan.

How do I survive a Tough Mudder? ›

TREK's Tough Mudder Survival Guide
  1. Get outdoors. Don't let the great British weather stop you training. ...
  2. Run. It's easy to get preoccupied by the obstacles on a Tough Mudder course but you'll need to get to them in the first place. ...
  3. Strengthen your upper body. ...
  4. Sleep. ...
  5. Eat well.
14 Jul 2017


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