What is SAP Certification, Exam Preparation (2023)

The SAP certificate is known as a world recognized educational package which is preferred by people who aim for a high caliber in quality business knowledge. The full form of SAP is Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing and this aims as enhancing the skill of the people. This is a credentialing certificate which provides an internationally recognition. The program promotes an endeavored careering path for an individual.

The SAP certification enables people to upgrade, learn as well as adapt themselves to new technical and critical skills which are considered of prime importance in the field of organizational management. The certificate provide a mean to confirming the knowledge, skills, aptitude as well as expertise, a user possesses in the field of SAP. SAP allows the firms in gaining the access to professionals who utilize the SAP software into the functioning of a business unit. The advance technology in SAP certainly will prove advantageous for the competitive organization. It helps in redefining an individual’s image as well as reputation thus providing you with a much wider ability and opportunity for selecting your career path.

The SAP certificate has been structured into following 3 levels:

  • Associate Certificate
  • Professional Certificate
  • Master Certificate

SAP slips guides your career differently, all majorly depending upon the level of your certificate. The user can easily be able to get a job, with his Associate Certificate. The certificates give a competitive edge to the individual as compared to the people who often lack these critical abilities. The individual will be definitely in a position to get promoted and upgraded within the organization. This is primarily due to his market value and will be drawing a higher salary. The SAP certificate will certainly make the user a few steps ahead.

Why organizations require people possessing the SAP Certificates?

  • These days organizations prefer people with core competencies as the primary tool for attaining a level of core advantage as their competitive staff. Individuals who are holders of SAP certificates are believed to be experts in the field of IT. These experts can successfully align the business strategies, debug as well as tweak SAP software which thus makes the organization highly efficienct and well performing. People with these skills, adapt and adjust the usage of IT for reaching the business goals of the organization.
  • The SAP certificate is today known as the best and most prevalent system being used in business today and is a assurance for an employee to grow in the expertise of SAP software.
  • The credibility of the certificate is a first-aid for escalating the promotional channel to the top levels. It is recognized across all the departments in Finance, Human Resource Management, Production, and even in the smallest division of the corporate.
  • Your career path is generally based on your knowledge as well as accomplishment in SAP.
  • SAP is believed to be very critical and has time and again proven successful with the small and large firm in the different spheres of business management. SAP processes data in a very convenient arithmetic style thus making the information easy to be represented in the financial reports, meetings, planning and strategic evaluations. Today, SAP is regarded as the main competency the firms are seeking in terms of "flexibility" and "multi-skilling".
  • The SAP Certificate facilitates and broadens the individual’s work opportunities. SAP also enables the user in establishing a prompt career development plan within an organization. As a result, it empowers your strength and also benefits the company. SAP certificate assists and charts out your long term career goals.

We all require tips and tricks on how to prepare for an exam which requires formal certification. Most of us would like to know the pattern of the questions, and would like to know what is the most appropriate training we ought to attend in order to pass the exam and finally get certified.

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There are a couple of things which might come in handy for you and enable you to pass the exam and receive certification also.

  • Decide the course: The first and the foremost is that you need to decide which application or course would you like to get certified in. Nobody else can decide this for you or on your behalf. Once you have chosen the course you need to have a look at few very important issues like the contents of the course, check out the duration of the exam, inquire about the passing percentage, number of questions which come in the exam and which all areas will you be evaluated and from where all can you take references, on and so and so forth.
  • Finding about the appropriate level of certification: It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to pursue an associateor aprofessionalcertification exam. The Associate certifications are meant for those people who are relatively new to the solutions of SAP solutions whereas the Professional certifications require a more relevant project experience along with and a more detailed understanding of the SAP solutions.
  • Inquiring about the correct exam: Quite a few number of candidates very often get confused about the right examination which needs to be cleared to get a formal certification. It is always good to find out from all reliable sources about the type of certification that you require rather than simply following your instincts.
  • It is good to get trained: In case you are new to the field and don’t know much about a field it is always good to receive proper training than doing self-study. There are many training options available such as online coaching and classroom coaching sessions. Depending on your convenience you can decide which one should you opt for. These are all held live and virtually. More information can also be received from the website of the exam which lists all the relevant details. SAPalways prefers individuals getting certifies from SAP Education or from a SAP Authorised Training Partner. In many countries you can register on your own and simply write the exam. Quite a few certifications test the overall ability and evaluate your conceptual knowledge.
  • Separate training sessions held for professional level examand separate for foundation or refresher course. Only attending these trainings will not equip you to get certified it is recommended that you gain sufficient practical experience for increasing the chance of passing the certification exam. Looking to get certified in SAP, then the SAP Education’s Learning Hubis a very good option and helps you prepare for your certification exam, as and when feasible. All the Learning Rooms are solely led by the top instructors of SAP and these folks help you with your learning and preparation and also provide answers to all your questions and try and remove all your doubts.
  • Good to always Plan in advance: It is a good idea to plan well in advance. You need a couple of months to be well prepared for clearing the exam. It is suggested to book your exam a few months before the start of your formal training
  • You must always inquire about the syllabus: It is always a good idea to first find out about the syllabus for getting certified. All the topics included in the syllabus are listed on the website, along with the weighted valuefor each topic in the exam Topic Areas.This will help you to plan what all topics should you be focusing upon and prepare accordingly.
  • Find out about the Sample questions: The SAP education always provides a list of sample questions; these are actually the questions which have come in the previous few years. With these the candidate can get a fair idea about the types of questions asked and prepare accordingly.
  • Decide if you want to get certified or not? A course in SAP is no doubt cheap, there is a lot of money involved but at the end of the day it’s all worth it! A certification in SAP will give you the extra edge over the other who are not certified. Many organizations today even sponsor a part of the fee for instance they can pay or reimburse you the exam fee which is in the tune of USD 500.
  • Should you be afraid in case you fail the exam? It is common sight to see many professionals getting weak in the legs right before appearing for the certification exam. If you have studies enough and covered all topics, there’s no need to get hyper and start panicking.
  • Study enough….the only trick to study each and every topic thoroughly. A few months of study should be good enough and you should be confident about the preparation.

Things to keep in mind during the exam:

  • Read each and every question twice: Many a time we just quickly attempt the question and move on to the next one, without realizing what exactly is the expected answer. While this works for the generic question but for some you may need to think twice.
  • Use all the time allotted to you: in a standard SAP exam, 80 question are given which have to be answered in a time span of 180 minutes. While this is generally sufficient you should still try and avoid leaving early. Make sure the questions you were not sure of have been attempted without any doubts. You can see a countdown on the screen which will help you figure out how much time you have left with you.
  • Make sure you have read the instructions of each and every question: many a time a times some questions may require two answers which in a hurry we may not see and may lose marks for the same.
  • You can even bookmark question: the tool allows you to bookmark a few questions. This feature comes in handy when you’re not sure about the answer, this way you can get back later to these without having to go through all the 180 questions. While revising you can simply go through these bookmarked questions.
  • The way the tool works you don’t have the option to see the progress bar. It only enables you to see how much have you completed in the current section. It is recommended that you keep a track of the number of questions you have attempted in a rough sheet of paper.
  • Don’t learn the questions to later share with your friends: Some people have a habit of making a conscious effort of memorizing question during the exam to share with their friends. Don’t waste your precious exam time.

Right after the exam is over you will get to know about the result whether you managed to get certified or not, immediately. Congratulations on getting through, you have successfully managed to increase your market value. It takes typically 4 - 6 weeks to receive the hard copy of the certificate, from the of your exam date. If you still don’t receive it then contact your Local / Global SAP Education Team, they should be able to help you out.

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